Lacoste Logo

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Lacoste Logo
High-end clothing company Lacoste was founded as a tennis shirts manufacturer, but today its range is very diverse and includes not only apparel, but also footwear, perfumery, leather products, watches, and glasses.

Meaning and history

Lacoste Logo history

One day in 1925 the tennis star René Lacoste, who later founded the Lacoste brand, was ambling along in Boston, stopping occasionally to look in the store windows. In one of them he noticed an alligator-skin suitcase. Yet, at that time he couldn’t afford this luxury. He made a bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup team, according to which Lacoste was to receive the bag in case he became the winner of an upcoming match. Unfortunately, René didn’t manage to win, yet his aggressive style at the tennis court during this match earned him the nickname “Crocodile” (according to other sources, “Alligator”).
lacoste new logo
Taking into consideration the above, it doesn’t seem surprising that the tennis player decided to make a crocodile his personal symbol. In 1926 his friend Robert George designed one for him, and Lacoste had it embroidered on his blazer. That was how the Lacoste crocodile made its first appearance on clothes.

Alligator Symbol Appears on Tennis Shirts

Lacoste Symbol
In 1933 Lacoste created the La Chemise Lacoste company together with André Gillier, the head of a large knitwear company based in France. They manufactured the short-sleeved tennis shirt that Lacoste had created and worn during his matches. Needless to say, the shirt had the alligator emblem on the chest.
That’s how the Lacoste logo started its way as one of the most recognizable commercial emblems in the world. For more than a decade the alligator symbol was licensed to the Izod company, but later Lacoste managed to win back its reputation and rebuild its brand.

Emblem dispute with Crocodile

Lacoste Emblem
Lacoste had a legal conflict with the textile and garments company Crocodile Garments headquartered in Hong Kong. Their emblems looked very similar, except for the fact that Lacoste’s logo faced right, while the Crocodile’s one faced left. Because of the resemblance Lacoste was trying not to let Crocodile register its emblem in China during the 1990s. The conflict that lasted several years ended in a settlement. Crocodile agreed to modify its emblem: the reptile’s eyes became bigger, its tail rose vertically, and its skin grew scalier.


Font of the Lacoste Logo
The Lacoste logo sports a customized, slightly rounded type. The word is given in capital letters.


Color of the Lacoste Logo
Basically the crocodile is green with white dots and a red mouth. But the colors can be inverted: a white alligator on the green background.