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Pocketbook is a Ukrainian brand of e-book reader, which was established in 2007 by Oleg Naumenko. The brand is one of the leading in its segment throughout the Europe and is headquartered in Switzerland.

Meaning and history

The PocketBook logo is simple and modest. It is composed of a deep green wordmark in clean and neat sans serif typeface.

The dark green color scheme of the brand symbolizes stability and power of life. The PocketBook devices aim to open people the new world of books they can keep in their pocket and read whenever and wherever they are.

Logo Pocketbook

The simplicity of the brand’s visual identity is perfectly balanced by the importance and quality of its products. The e-readers, which keep the whole universe of literature inside, what can be more colorful?

The PocketBook logo reflects the company’s values and desire to share their technologies with their consumers.