Acer Logo

acer logo
Acer Inc. is a world famous Taiwanese electronics company founded in 1976 by Stan Shih with his wife and their partners. First opened in Xizhi, New Taipei City, the company started producing laptops, personal computers, smartphones and other electronic devices. Nowadays it has become one of the main hardware innovators and largest electronic producers throughout the world.
Its famous slogan “explore beyond limits” has truly spread their brand message.

Logo history

Acer logo history

Every company wants its logos to be world famous and instantly recognizable, that is what Acer company has achieved by creating simple yet catchy brand image. Since their first opening in 1976 Acer has changed it several times.
The first logo version was introduced in 1987 with the company name written in blue and a little diamond to its right side both red and blue. Later Acer started to focus mainly on its business retreating from manufacture produсtion and in 2001 new logo appeared on the marketplace changing the brand representation. Rough edges were gone and Acer developed a new smoother brand image adding a little accent to the ‘e’ letter. The latest version has not changed a lot, however a bright green colour gave it a brighter and more active look.

Colour selection

acer logo

Green colour is a symbiosis of two colors – blue and yellow. On the one hand – boundless energy, and on the other – an overwhelming calm. Bright green logo represents freshness, harmony and originality of the company.