Most Famous Logos with Lions

Most Famous Logos with Lions

Lion is one of the most popular images used in company logos from completely different spheres of activity. And all because it is this animal that most people associate with strength and leadership. The lion on the logo is always synonymous with prestige and quality, confidence and longevity of the company or brand, and personification of noble origin.

In general, the lion is a symbol of power, strength, majesty, might, pride, courage, nobility, valor, justice, and triumph. The lion is a symbol of royal dignity and nobility, next to which is often present his queen, Lioness, the embodiment of motherhood and selflessness.

Agree, not at all a negative list of qualities. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many companies rely on the King of the Beasts as their graphic symbol. Today we have collected for you the most famous brand logos, on which you will find the image of a lion. The stylistics are quite different, as well as the sphere of activity of companies. There are sports teams, automobile manufacturers, banks, and even food products. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and let’s look at all the emblems in order.

Aston Villa FC

Aston Villa FC Logo

The new logo of the English football club Aston Villa was presented to the public in 2022. It is made in the form of a circle, the central element of which is the image of a lion with a five-pointed star. In the upper part of the coat of arms is the name of the club, and in the lower part — the year of its foundation.  The previous version of the badge had a lot of yellow in it, and this is what made it look simpler. The current color palette is based on an exquisite combination of sky blue and wine red, with just a small yellow touch, which adds a bit of playfulness to the composition.


Büssing Logo

Although the German automaker Büssing has long since ceased to exist, the memory of its SUVs with the Brunswick Lion emblem is still alive today. The Braunschweiger Löwe (Brunswick Lion) is one of the historically significant architectural monuments and a symbol of the ancient German city of Braunschweig. The sculpture “Braunschweiger Löwe” was created by the Duke of Bavaria and Saxony Heinrich the Lion of the Welf dynasty (Heinrich der Löwe, 1129-1195) as a symbol of power and supreme authority. And since Braunschweig is where Büssing was founded, it makes sense that the lion was chosen as its symbol.

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea Logo

The Ceylon Lion with Sword is a mark for high-quality tea produced and packaged in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). As a trademark, Lion with Sword is registered in most countries of the world. On a packet of Ceylon tea can be absolutely any advertising picture. But it is by the Lion emblem that the manufacturer guarantees that the pack contains quality, 100% pure Ceylon tea packed in Sri Lanka without impurities. The Lion emblem means that the tea meets the quality standards of the Supreme Board of Tea Experts of Sri Lanka. The Lion on this quality mark is enclosed into a softened rectangular frame and accompanied by bold two-leveled lettering.


Chelsea Logo

Like the Premier League and other teams participating in it, Chelsea Football Club also uses the image of a lion in their logo. Chelsea’s famous logo was inspired by the family crest of the club’s first president, the Earl of Cadogan. It shows the Lion holding the staff of the Abbot of Westminster, who is in charge of Chelsea. The image of a heraldic lion is drawn on a white background and enclosed in a round blue frame with a decoration of two red soccer balls and two red flowers. Roses here represent England and soccer balls represent the game. The king of all animals as the main design element has been used in Chelsea’s logo since 1953.

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Logo

The oldest team in the American National Football League, the Detroit Lions, still uses only a slightly modified version of the blue lion logo introduced in 1960. On the team logo, the angry lion is depicted in a leap and looks extremely aggressive, perfectly reflecting the mood of the team during the game. The blue lion silhouette features a white and gray outline, which allows the rather simple emblem to look winningly on all sorts of backgrounds. Sometimes gray is replaced by black, but most often it happens when the emblem is used with a wordmark, which is also executed in a blue-black color scheme.


Holden Logo

Australian automaker Holden uses the emblem with a lion on the car: depicted in a red circle, the king of the animal world puts his paw on a round stone, which is a reference to the fable about how the wheel was invented (a lion rolling a stone). On the emblem is visible only the front half of the body, which allows you to focus on the stone, and sootvetvetvezhe emphasis on the “Wheel”. Automakers, choosing the same animal, strive to give it individuality. Logos with magnificent representatives of the feline family decorate the hoods, grilles, salons, and steering wheels of cars. But it is Holden that managed to forever link itself with the image of the Lion – the car brand is called “Red Lion”.


Lowenbrau Logo

Löwenbräu translates from German as “Lion’s beer” or “Lion’s brew”, so it is not surprising at all that the famous beer brand chose this animal for its logo.

The Löwenbräu brewery, from which the brand name was derived, was built in 1383 in Munich. The emblem of the brewery and Löwenbräu beer was and still is the Lion – a symbol of courage, strength, and leadership. This logo was inspired by a 17th-century fresco in the original brewery in Germany, further emphasizing how important its historical heritage is to the brand. And its sleek light blue and gold color palette only elevates the values of the company.


MGM Logo

MGM has perhaps one of the most recognizable and famous Lion logos to date – Leo The Lion. The artistic director of Paramount Studios at the time, Lionel S. Reiss, created it back in 1917. Originally a real lion was used to create the logo, but the company has since switched to CGI. You can find a huge number of articles describing how screensavers with live lions were filmed, and the feeling will remain not the most “eco-friendly”. So let’s just focus on the design: the head of a roaring lion peeking out of a gold hoop and complemented by elegant lettering, also in gold, on a black background.


Peugeot Logo

The first image of a lion on the emblem of Peugeot dates back to 1858 when a descendant of the ancestors of the concern registered the image of a lion as the emblem of the Peugeot brand. According to the founders of the brand, this image best reflected the properties of Peugeot cutting tools, comparable to the strength of a lion’s teeth, the flexibility of the plate, comparable to the flexibility of a lion’s back, and the speed of cutting, comparable to the speed of the animal throwing at its prey. The current Peugeot logo is a stylish contemporary interpretation of the initial idea, with the minimalistic contour of a lion’s head drawn on a solid black crest and accompanied by a sleek geometric logotype on top.

Premier League

Premier League Logo

The legendary lion has always been the symbol of the English Premier League, but its “appearance” has changed several times. The shape of the logo from the very beginning was unfortunate. But over time they came to another image of the king of beasts, and in 2016 they presented the now famous face in the style of minimalism. Stylish and strong in its minimalism, the Premier League logo looks really high-quality and even expensive. The league has meshed with its new logo, it is simpler and easier to recreate than the old one, where the name of title sponsors got in the way. the only lettering on the badge now is the name of the league, executed in the same color as the lion emblem.

Sunderland A.F.C.

Sunderland Logo

The Sunderland A.F.C. logo embodies the rich history and traditions of this iconic English football club. Dominated by the club’s red and white colors, the emblem features a detailed heraldic shield flanked by two fierce lions. At the top of the crest, a ship’s wheel signifies Sunderland’s maritime heritage, with the Latin motto “Consectatio Excellentiae” (Pursuit of Excellence) proudly displayed. The central shield incorporates elements like the Penshaw Monument and the Wearmouth Bridge, representing local landmarks significant to the club’s identity. This combination of historical and regional symbols, along with the lions symbolizing strength and bravery, encapsulates Sunderland A.F.C.’s spirit and longstanding connection with its community.

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Logo

The INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing logo features a sleek and modern design that conveys strength, security, and sophistication. The emblem is predominantly black and silver, with a stylized lion holding a sword, symbolizing protection and power. The lion’s wings suggest agility and rapid response, essential qualities for the armored vehicles the company produces. The minimalistic approach, combined with the sharp lines and metallic sheen, reflects the advanced technology and precision engineering that INKAS is known for. The logo’s professional and authoritative appearance reinforces the company’s commitment to providing high-quality armored solutions for security and defense.


Roeve Logo

Roewe’s logo is a distinguished shield design that combines elegance with a sense of prestige. The shield is divided into a red and black quartered background, with two golden lions rampant holding a sword, signifying nobility and strength. The intricate “R” in the center adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting Roewe’s premium automotive brand identity. The combination of these elements creates a regal and commanding presence, aligning with Roewe’s reputation for luxury and high-performance vehicles. This emblem not only represents the brand’s commitment to excellence but also evokes a sense of tradition and heritage, appealing to discerning customers seeking both style and substance.

Arkansas PB Golden Lions

Arkansas PB Golden Lions Logo

The Arkansas PB Golden Lions logo is a dynamic and vibrant representation of the university’s athletic spirit. The fierce lion’s head, with its mane depicted as flames, conveys energy, strength, and a competitive edge. The bold use of gold and black colors reflects the school’s official colors, creating a striking and memorable visual identity. The lion’s roaring expression embodies the determination and passion of Arkansas PB’s athletes, aiming to inspire pride and unity among students, alumni, and supporters. This powerful and modern logo encapsulates the Golden Lions’ commitment to excellence in sports and academia.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Bayer 04 Leverkusen Logo

Bayer 04 Leverkusen’s logo is a timeless and recognizable emblem in the world of football. The crest features two red lions rampant, each facing outward and standing on their hind legs, flanking a central circular badge. The badge itself displays the iconic Bayer cross, symbolizing the club’s roots in the pharmaceutical company Bayer. The year “1904” marks the club’s founding, while the bold black and white text “Bayer Leverkusen” beneath the badge adds clarity and distinction. The overall design, with its strong color contrasts and historical elements, reflects Bayer 04 Leverkusen’s long-standing tradition and success in German and European football.


Lonsdale Logo

The Lonsdale logo is an iconic symbol in the world of boxing and athletic apparel. Featuring a majestic lion standing proudly above the bold, arched text “Lonsdale,” this emblem exudes power, confidence, and heritage. The lion, rendered in a deep navy blue, represents strength and courage, qualities that the brand’s products are designed to embody. The classic, serif font of the brand name underscores Lonsdale’s long history and tradition in sportswear. With its clean lines and authoritative presence, the Lonsdale logo has become synonymous with quality and performance, respected by athletes and sports enthusiasts around the globe.

North Alabama Lions

North Alabama Lions Logo

The North Alabama Lions logo is a contemporary and energetic representation of the university’s athletic teams. The emblem features a stylized lion’s head in gold, set against a bold purple background, encapsulated within a dynamic shield shape. The lion’s expression is fierce and determined, symbolizing the competitive spirit of North Alabama’s athletes. Above the lion, the text “North Alabama” is prominently displayed in a modern, white font, ensuring immediate recognition. This vibrant and spirited logo reflects the university’s commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics, fostering a sense of pride and unity among students, faculty, and supporters.

Lion Air

Lion Air Logo

The Lion Air logo is a striking and dynamic emblem that represents the airline’s commitment to excellence and customer service. The logo features a bold red lion with wings, symbolizing strength, speed, and agility. The lion’s head is depicted in a modern, stylized form, exuding confidence and authority. Accompanying the lion, the name “Lion Air” is presented in a sleek, italicized font, reinforcing the company’s modern and forward-thinking approach. The use of red signifies energy and passion, while the overall design conveys reliability and trustworthiness. This powerful logo reflects Lion Air’s dedication to providing top-notch aviation services across its vast network.

Food Lion

Food Lion Logo

The Food Lion logo is a bold and simple design that has become synonymous with reliable and affordable grocery shopping in the United States. Featuring a stylized black lion standing with a distinct, blocky outline, the logo is enclosed within a square border. The lion’s strong and assertive stance symbolizes leadership, strength, and trust, qualities that Food Lion aims to represent. Beneath the lion, the brand name “Food Lion” is displayed in bold, capitalized letters, ensuring high visibility and easy recognition. The monochromatic color scheme adds to the logo’s clarity and timeless appeal, making it instantly recognizable to consumers. This minimalist yet powerful design reflects the company’s commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service in a straightforward and accessible manner.

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

RBC Logo

The RBC logo is a sophisticated and distinctive emblem representing one of Canada’s largest financial institutions. The logo features a stylized lion in yellow, holding a globe, set against a deep blue background. The lion, a symbol of strength and protection, conveys RBC’s commitment to safeguarding its clients’ financial interests. The globe signifies the bank’s global reach and international presence. Below the lion and globe, the initials “RBC” are prominently displayed in white, providing a sharp contrast that enhances readability. This logo combines elements of tradition and modernity, reflecting RBC’s longstanding heritage and its forward-thinking approach in the financial sector. The choice of colors—royal blue and yellow—adds to the logo’s prestige and trustworthiness, making it a respected symbol in banking.

Columbia Lions

Columbia Lions Logo

The Columbia Lions logo is a vibrant and spirited representation of Columbia University’s athletic teams. The logo features a fierce blue lion’s head, rendered in a stylized, modern form with a powerful expression. The lion’s mane is intricately detailed, emphasizing its strength and majesty. Above the lion’s head, the word “Columbia” is displayed in bold, uppercase letters, curved to follow the shape of the lion’s mane, creating a cohesive and dynamic design. The use of blue, Columbia’s official color, reinforces school pride and unity. This logo encapsulates the determination and competitive spirit of Columbia’s athletes, aiming to inspire both the teams and their supporters.


Heys Logo

The Heys logo is a striking and contemporary emblem for the renowned luggage brand. Featuring a red shield with a prominent white lion rampant in the center, the logo exudes a sense of strength, reliability, and heritage. The lion’s pose, standing on its hind legs with forepaws raised, symbolizes power and protection, aligning with Heys’ commitment to durability and security in its products. Above the lion, the brand name “Heys” is displayed in bold, red letters, enhancing brand recognition and adding a touch of elegance. The overall design, with its clean lines and balanced composition, reflects Heys’ modern approach to design while paying homage to classic heraldic symbols.


ING Logo

The ING logo is a well-recognized emblem in the financial industry, symbolizing stability, reliability, and global reach. It features a distinctive orange lion, lying down with a composed and authoritative expression. The lion represents strength and vigilance, qualities that ING embodies in its financial services. Next to the lion, the letters “ING” are displayed in a bold, navy blue font, providing a strong contrast to the orange lion and enhancing legibility. The combination of orange and blue reflects the brand’s Dutch heritage and its dynamic, innovative approach. This clean and professional design reinforces ING’s identity as a trusted and forward-thinking financial institution.

Southeastern Louisiana Lions

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo

The Southeastern Louisiana Lions logo is a vibrant and commanding representation of the university’s athletic teams. The logo features a fierce lion’s head, prominently displayed in the school’s colors of green and gold. The lion’s intense gaze and detailed mane convey strength, courage, and determination, reflecting the competitive spirit of Southeastern Louisiana’s athletes. The clean lines and modern design elements make the logo both striking and memorable. This emblem serves as a powerful symbol of school pride and unity, inspiring students, athletes, and supporters alike.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings Logo

The Chennai Super Kings logo is an energetic and dynamic emblem representing one of the most successful teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The logo features a roaring lion in shades of orange, symbolizing power, courage, and ferocity. The lion’s mane is depicted in a flame-like design, adding a sense of movement and intensity. Above the lion, a crown signifies the team’s regal status in the league. The team name “Chennai Super Kings” is prominently displayed in a bold, blue font beneath the lion, providing a sharp contrast and ensuring high visibility. This vibrant and spirited logo captures the essence of the team’s fighting spirit and their ambition to reign supreme in the cricket world.

KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association)


The KNVB logo is a refined and elegant representation of the Royal Dutch Football Association. The emblem features a stylized lion’s head in a unique, flowing design, rendered in a warm, golden hue. The lion is crowned, symbolizing the royal patronage and prestigious heritage of Dutch football. The initials “KNVB” are displayed in bold, capitalized letters below the lion, ensuring immediate recognition. The minimalistic and modern design of the logo reflects the association’s forward-thinking approach while honoring its rich history. The choice of color and design elements conveys a sense of tradition, excellence, and national pride, making it a respected symbol in the world of football.

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)


The RICS logo is a modern and professional emblem representing the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It features a stylized lion’s head within a circular frame, rendered in a deep purple color. The lion, a symbol of strength, integrity, and leadership, reflects the core values of RICS in the built environment. The circular frame signifies unity and global reach, underscoring RICS’ international presence and influence. Adjacent to the lion, the acronym “RICS” is displayed in a bold, blue font, ensuring clarity and easy recognition. This clean and contemporary design emphasizes the institution’s commitment to upholding high standards and professionalism in the surveying industry worldwide.

The Ritz-Carlton

Ritz-Carlton Logo

The Ritz-Carlton logo is a sophisticated and elegant emblem that epitomizes luxury and excellence. It features a regal lion’s head, crowned and adorned with a flowing mane, symbolizing royalty, strength, and majesty. The intricate details of the lion and crown are rendered in a classic black and white palette, conveying timeless elegance and sophistication. Below the lion, the name “The Ritz-Carlton” is displayed in an elegant serif font, further emphasizing the brand’s prestigious reputation. This iconic logo reflects the brand’s commitment to providing unparalleled service and luxurious experiences, making it a symbol of opulence and high standards in the hospitality industry.

Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions Logo

The Cannes Lions logo is a dynamic and creative emblem representing the International Festival of Creativity. It features a stylized lion with a flowing mane, depicted in a relaxed yet powerful stance. The lion symbolizes creativity, courage, and excellence, embodying the spirit of the festival. The logo is rendered in a sleek black and white design, with the words “Cannes Lions” prominently displayed in bold, uppercase letters next to the lion. Below this, the tagline “International Festival of Creativity” is presented in a smaller font, reinforcing the festival’s global significance. This modern and striking logo captures the essence of the festival, celebrating outstanding creative achievements in the advertising and communication industries.


MAN Logo

The MAN logo is a bold and industrial emblem representing the renowned German engineering and transportation company. It features the word “MAN” in a robust, uppercase font, encased within a half-circle that suggests a rising sun, symbolizing innovation and forward-thinking. Below the main text, a stylized, geometric lion is depicted within a rectangular frame, symbolizing strength, reliability, and precision. The black and white color scheme enhances the logo’s clarity and impact, making it easily recognizable. This powerful and modern design reflects MAN’s commitment to engineering excellence and its strong presence in the transportation and manufacturing sectors.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand Logo

The MGM Grand logo is a luxurious and iconic emblem that epitomizes grandeur and opulence. It features a majestic lion in gold, standing proudly with a poised and confident demeanor. The lion’s detailed mane and muscular form symbolize strength, elegance, and dominance. Below the lion, the name “MGM Grand” is displayed in an elegant serif font, also in gold, enhancing the logo’s prestigious and high-end appeal. This sophisticated design reflects the brand’s commitment to providing world-class entertainment, hospitality, and gaming experiences, making it a symbol of luxury and excellence in the resort industry.


Cunard Logo

The Cunard logo is a distinguished and regal emblem representing the British luxury cruise line. It features a crowned lion standing on its hind legs, holding a globe, symbolizing global reach and royal patronage. The lion is encased within a wreath of laurel leaves, signifying victory, honor, and achievement. The intricate details are rendered in a classic gold color, evoking a sense of tradition and prestige. Below the emblem, the name “Cunard” is displayed in bold, red letters, providing a striking contrast and ensuring visibility. This elegant and timeless logo reflects Cunard’s rich heritage and commitment to providing luxurious and memorable cruising experiences.


Proton Logo

The Proton logo is a sleek and modern emblem representing the Malaysian automotive manufacturer. It features a stylized silver lion’s head, depicted in a roaring stance within a circular frame. The metallic sheen and angular design of the lion’s head convey a sense of strength, agility, and technological advancement. Below the circular emblem, the brand name “Proton” is displayed in a bold, uppercase font with a matching silver finish, enhancing the logo’s futuristic and high-tech appeal. This dynamic and sophisticated logo reflects Proton’s commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in the automotive industry.

Creative Media Kings

Creative Media Kings Logo

The Creative Media Kings logo is a vibrant and dynamic representation of the company’s creative prowess. It features a majestic lion standing proudly, rendered in a striking white silhouette against a bold orange background. The lion’s mane is intricately detailed, symbolizing creativity, power, and leadership. Below the lion, the company name “Creative Media Kings” is displayed in a clean, modern font, with “CREATIVE” and “KINGS” in white and “MEDIA” in gray, creating a balanced and visually appealing design. This logo captures the essence of innovation and excellence, reflecting the company’s dedication to producing high-quality media content.

Lion Capital

Lion Capital Logo

The Lion Capital logo is a refined and professional emblem representing the private equity firm. It features a minimalist line drawing of a lion, depicted in a poised and elegant stance, looking forward with a sense of determination and focus. The lion is rendered in a deep blue color, symbolizing stability, trust, and strength. Next to the lion, the company name “Lion Capital” is displayed in a sophisticated serif font, with “LION” in blue and “CAPITAL” in a complementary gray. This clean and modern logo reflects the firm’s commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and strong leadership in the financial industry.

Lion Bar

Lion Bar Logo

The Lion Bar logo is a bold and dynamic emblem representing the popular chocolate bar. It features a fierce and roaring lion, depicted in a stylized and cartoonish manner, exuding energy and excitement. The lion is rendered in a vibrant orange and yellow color scheme, creating a sense of warmth and indulgence. Below the lion, the brand name “Lion” is prominently displayed in a playful, uppercase font, enhancing the logo’s fun and adventurous appeal. This eye-catching and memorable logo captures the essence of the Lion Bar, reflecting its bold flavors and satisfying crunch, making it a favorite treat among chocolate lovers.

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