The most popular Rock Bands logos and brands

Top-10 Logotypes of Rock Bands

Although there’s a myriad of rock band logotypes, the most creative and original ones stand out from the crowd. The main criteria of logotype evaluation are memorability, recognizability, and informational load. The last factor relies on the balance between the text and the image.

10. ABBA

ABBA logo

ABBA logo consists of letters only, but complies with all demands of successful logos – it’s symmetric, informative, easy to remember, and bears a certain image. It was enough just to mirror one letter – and a recognizable logo is ready.

9. AC/DC

AC DC logo

AC/DC logo was created in 1973 and is still relevant. It has become the most recognizable sign of the band. The gothic style font with letters divided by a lightning is pretty simple and reserved. That makes it easy to read and at the same time suitable for use in printed and outdoor advertisements.

8. Pink Floyd

PinkFloyd logo

Pink Floyd logo manifests the influence of graffiti street culture. No strict horizontal or vertical line – all of them are crooked, deformed. Besides, the bright pink color only highlights the remonstrative character of the band. Anyway, this composition looks harmonically and well-ordered. The ‘K’ curl looks appealing.

7. The Rolling Stones

TheRollingStones logo

The Rolling Stones logotype has a provoking and bright image and the same font. The font is close is handwritten one, and it’s clear that it has the secondary role. A gripping three-colored picture (black, white, red) expresses the rebellious image of the band.

Besides Rolling Stones logo was created in the 1970’s and is still used today, which is a rare occasion.

6. U2

U2 band logotype is both original and memorable. The name is very brutal, but this font is both highlighted and compensated by the red words naming the tour. The logo is framed in a very peculiar way. At the first glance, it looks like a target, but the ‘fins’ at both sides remind of a shark or other predator. Therefore, the logotype structure is full of different symbols that are individual for every viewer.

5. Led Zeppelin

LedZeppelin logo

Both band name (paradoxical “Led Zeppelin”) and its logo represent a specific font element which makes it one of Top-5 best logos. Formally, the logotype is symmetrical (PP as the logo center) and rhythmical. However, this rhythm bears the character Led Zeppelin – it’s chaotic, non-homogeneous. Every letter has its own width and height, although the form of logo seems to be strictly rectangular.

4. Metallica

Metallica logo

The logo of Metallica matches its music. Dynamic and sharp, it shows people what their songs will be like even before people start listening to them. However, today Metallica logotype looks less original. It’s symmetric and the central part isn’t adorned, and the first and the last letters are turned into arrows.

3. The Beatles

TheBeatles logo

The Beatles logo has several signs in it. It’s symmetric (prolonged T letter highlights this symmetry) and at the same time original (the capital letter is located in the left part only), contains both font and images (though they can be easily removed), and is easy to remember.

2. Aerosmith

Aerosmith logo

Aerosmith logo was created in the 1970’s, and it combined a light font with rebellious elements typical of the band’s art, as well as the disc with wings. The image is very interesting thanks to the aeronautic signs with philosophical and even esoteric senses.

1. Queen

Queen logo

Queen logo is aristocratic – the name supposes it. However, if you take a closer look at the image, its heraldic elements have a lot of informal signs. The logotype has a crown – it’s located in the oval form (it reminds of a shield, which is essential for a coat of arms). However, it’s not just an oval – it’s the ‘Q’ letter.

The crown is held by two crowned lions, one of which is depicted sidewise, and another – full face (which is not typical, and even inadmissible for armory). On the top of the arms, we can see a bird of prey that spreads its wings. If you continue looking, you’ll see other creatures – a crab and two angels. The logo legend says that this image hides astrological signs of the band members.

Logotypes of rock bands differ just like the bands themselves. Some logos were changed during decades of their existence, while others are still used today as trademarks of musical product – famous rock groups.