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The logo of the Indonesian airline Lion Air features the lion theme, while the airline theme is not so obvious.

Meaning and history

Lion Air Logo history


Lion Air Logo 1999

In its basic structure, the original Lion Air logo was the same as the current one: it also featured the lion emblem in the middle of the wordmark. Yet, the palette and typography made it look different from the current one.

The words “Lion Air” were given in dark blue (with the exception of the stroke on the “A”). Also, the glyphs were by far lighter and featured a serif type. In between the two words, you could see the side view of the lion’s head with a feathered circle.

The company also used a monotone red variation, yet it was not the primary logo.


Lion Air logo

The refresh resulted in a new, more modern and dynamic typography. The implied motion appeared because of the italicized glyphs. There were no serifs now, and the overall shape of the letters was more streamlined, which worked great for the airline theme.

Emblem Lion Air


The Lion Air logo features a dynamic custom sans with bold italicized glyphs. The shape of the “A” seems to somehow rhyme with the shape of the emblem.

Company overview

The full name of the company is PT Lion Mentari Airlines. The airline was established in 1999 under the name of PT Lion Mentari and commenced operations in 2000.

Lion Air is a low-cost airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is known as Indonesia’s largest privately run airline and the 2nd-largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia.

The company has 118 airplanes and flies to 126 destinations.