RBC Logo


As a company with a more than 155-year history, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has gone through several logo redesigns. However, there’s been a recurrent motif: every version of the RBC logo since 1901 has featured a lion.

Meaning and history

Rbc Logo history

he earliest logo (1869) reflected the original company name, the Merchants Bank of Halifax, and was given in black and white.

1901 – 1962

RBC Logo 1901
The 1901 version added new colors, the new name, and a more complex crest.
It looked like a medieval coat of arms with a lion and a stallion, a shield, a crown, and multiple elaborate details. This approach emphasized the company’s heritage.

1962 – 1974

RBC Logo 1962
In 1962, the emblem was simplified. Now, it featured a lion holding its paw on a globe, above which a crown was placed.

1974 – 2001

RBC Logo 1974
As the result of the 1974 update, the emblem grew cleaner.

2001 – Today

RBC Logo

The 2001 redesign brought about dark blue and yellow, as well as the text “RBC,” while the lion’s muzzle was turned to the right.