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Lonsdale is a British brand of boxing and martial arts apparel designer and manufacturer. It was founded in 1960 by Bernard Hart, today the brand is a part of Sports Direct group.

Meaning and history

Lonsdale Logo history

The brand was named after Lord Lonsdale, who was the first to organize boxing match in gloves.

Old logo

Lonsdale Logo old

Before 2022

Lonsdale Logo before 2022

The Lonsdale logo is highly recognizable and is a great reflection of the brand’s character and values. It is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it.

The famous Lonsdale emblem is a lion. This strong and powerful animal is walking above the lettering and looking left. The emblem reflects the brand’s stability and courage of a fighter.

The Lonsdale logo is remarkable and bright, it alternates two color palettes — monochrome and blue with red. They both reflect the brand’s confidence and authority.

Lonsdale is a globally recognised brand, renowned for its strength, courage and power. The Lion logo is instantly recognisable and embodies the spirit of Lonsdale.

2022 – now

Lonsdale Logo

A custom typeface of the wordmark features strong bold lines, and the underline coming out of the letter “L”, which has the “London” tagline beneath it. The nameplate forms an arch.