Premier League Logo

Premier League Logo

The lion iconography was present in the Premier League logo ever since it was created in 1992. Yet, it was not the same lion as in the current version. The animal featured in the current emblem looks more 3D.

Meaning and history Premier League Logo


Premier League had its logo modified by the 2016-17 season. The new version, created by DesignStudio with Robin Brand Consultants, featured a simplified lion icon, as well a rounded sans-serif typeface. However, the League failed to get the new logo in time for the start of the season. Because of this, fans and players had the old badge on their numbers.

Font of the Premier League Logo

Font Premier League Logo

The typeface could be a bit more unique, but in any case, it looks simple and modern.

Color of the Premier League Logo

Color Premier League Logo

Dark purple and white color combination is a standard, yet an inverted red outline version may be used for darker backgrounds.

barclays premier league symbol

barclays premier league logo

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