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Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hospitality brand, established in 1983 in Boston, USA. It operates 96 hotels with 27,131 rooms worldwide in 29 countries. Beyond hotels, Ritz-Carlton also manages, and offers under its brand name, spas, golf courses, residences, and luxury meeting and conference spaces. The brand is owned by Marriott International Group.

Meaning and history

Ritz-Carlton Logo history

Ritz-Carlton is a company with a long and rich history. The brand was originated by the legendary “King of hoteliers and hotelier of kings”, Caesar Ritz. The first hotel under this name was opened in the United States in 1911. Today the Ritz-Carlton chain has more than a hundred luxury hotels across the globe, which are famous for the quality of service honed over the centuries.

The history of the modern Ritz-Carlton Corporation began in 1983 with William Johnson of Atlanta, owner of a waffle café chain, who bought the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston and with it the rights to use the Ritz-Carlton name in the United States. In 1998, the business was bought by Marriott International, which operates the Ritz-Carlton hotels but does not own them.

Now, Ritz-Carlton is a world-famous hotel chain consisting of luxury hotels and resorts. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels are delightful rooms, haute cuisine, spa centers, and golf clubs. In addition to hotels, the hotel chain has exclusive residences and yachts.

What is Ritz Carlton?
Ritz Carlton is one of the world’s most famous chains of luxury hotels, which was acquired by Marriott at the end of the 1990s. Today the chain owns more than a hundred hotels in 31 countries across the globe and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

1965 – 2015

Ritz-Carlton Logo-1965
Their original design is exactly as the one adopted in 2015, except the lion emblem is smaller, and the text is a bit different. The letters are thinner, more pleasant, and there are lowercase characters, as well as capital ones.

2015 – Today

Ritz-Carlton Logo

The Ritz-Carlton logo is rooted and inspired by the past yet has purpose and meaning in the present. The brand signals it’s relevance by inheriting historic symbols. The iconic brand’s logo is a combination of the British royal seal (the crown) and the icon of a financial backer (the lion). This logo was created by Cesar Ritz.

The black wordmark is very elegant a and looks like a fashion label. The icon has clean lines and dramatic curves and the crown looks really regal.

Another important detail of the Ritz-Carlton logo is it’s main color. The ‘memorable’ blue reinforces the promise of consistent quality, excellence and the promise of beautiful memories.

Ritz-Carlton Logo

There was only one time in the 32 year history of The Ritz-Carlton when any changes have been made to its logo. It did not affect the brand’s values of its heritage and legacy. Ritz-Carlton strives to create precious memories and to meet tastes of a new generation of consumers, and it’s logo fully reflects its philosophy.

Font and Color

The bold and elegant uppercase lettering from the primary badge of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain is set in an old-style traditional serif typeface with elongated sharp serifs at the ends of the letter bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are, probably, Goudy Modern MT Bold or Romulo Semibold, but with some contours slightly modified.

As for the color palette of the Ritz-Carlton visual identity, it is based on a simple combination of black and white, which makes the badge timeless and sophisticated, allowing it to place on various surfaces and backgrounds.

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