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The women’s athletic teams representing Southeastern Louisiana University  in Hammond compete under the name of the Southeastern Louisiana Lady Lions, while the men’s teams is known as the Southeastern Louisiana Lions.

Meaning and history

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo history
The Southeastern Louisiana Lions logo has remained virtually unchanged since 2003. The lion is exceptionally prominent here – in fact, the animal dominates the logo.

The body and the head are given in a noble shade of gold with black trim. You can also notice several white highlights, mainly on the muzzle. Over the lion, there is a green board housing the lettering “Southeastern” in white.

1952 – 1961

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo 1952
This logo was an artistic depiction of a lion’s head. They made it look like the head of a cartoon character. Naturally, they gave it a visibly aggressive, determined look. Color-wise, they used lime, green and white for eyes.

1961 – 1980

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo 1961
By 1961, the lion still looked cartoonish, but they made it a different style now and finally gave it a body. It was now depicted walking along with green flag saying ‘Southeastern’ on its shoulder. This mascot was now yellow with bold black lines for rims and nuances. They clad it a green sailor’s garb.

1980 – 1990

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo 1980
A simpler design followed in 1980. No lions, just a bit map of Louisiana. It was colored yellow and had thin green rims. The same scheme was used with the letter ‘SLU’, written diagonally along this map, although the rims were bolder there.

1990 – 2000

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo 1990
The 1990 had a dark green circle in the middle. Below it, they placed the usual acronym ‘SLU’ (also in dark green), although they were cropped slightly from the circle being superimposed onto their tops. The circle was styled as a mane a lion, whose face and some hairs were painted yellow inside the circle in a realistic enough fashion.

2000 – 2021

Southeastern Louisiana Lions Logo 2000
The centerpiece of this logo was an artistic depiction of a lion, although not to the point of being cartoony. They painted it light orange, but with thick black edges. A green plaque saying ‘Southeastern’ in white was placed diagonally across the animal. Below, it extended into a black arch that held the rest of the university’s name, also in white.

2021 – Today

Southeastern Louisiana Lions logo
The 2021-adopted emblem is a realistic take. This head has believable features, although they still smoothed out many smaller nuances. The color scheme is yellow, dark green and white.

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