Holden Logo

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The Australian car maker Holden started as a saddlery manufacturer in 1856. Having moved into the automobile sphere, the company soon became a branch of General Motors. Until recently it produced a broad range of vehicles adorned with their iconic lion logo. Now Holden has switched to importing and rebadging cars produced by GM and Opel.
Holden logo

Meaning and History logo

Holden Logo history
The Holden logo meaning is explained by a prehistoric fable which says that the idea for the wheel came from observation of lions rolling rocks with their paws. Though the company’s logo evolved with the lapse of time, it has featured this solid image since 1928 when the Holden logo history began.
old holden logo
At first it was a lion and a stone inside an oval with the company’s name “Holden” at the top, everything in black and white. The author of this version was Rayner Hoff. Then in 1936, 1948 and 1972 they made some alterations to it to represent the company in a better way, but the main elements and the color scheme remained unchanged. The logo became a strong brand identity and it is still referred to as “Holden lion and stone”.

The 1994 Symbol

holden symbol
In 1994 Holden redesigned its logo once more. The symbol shows a white roaring lion positioned inside a red circle. It is keeping its paw on a round stone which is also in white color, as if it is maneuvering it. Only the front half of the lion’s body is shown so as to place more focus on the stone which can also be viewed as a wheel. The circle is outlined in white and red.
Such a catchy color combination is capable of evoking strong emotions. No wonder Holden acquired the nickname “Red Lion”. The name became symbolic because every Holden car has always been perceived as a king of the road, at least in Australia.

The 2014 Emblem

holden emblem
In 2014 the company made a subtle change in the color palette of its logo ‒ they added shades of grey to the white color to make it look more like the color of steel.

New Logo

holden car logo
In 2016 the company’s branding including its emblem underwent an overhaul. The aim was to achieve a more contemporary and progressive look. The result was that the iconic “lion and stone” image acquired a chrome finish. The changes were subtle but significant for the company that wanted to attract a younger generation of potential car buyers.
The Holden car emblem has never failed to compete with the logos of global car manufacturers, though it is a small subsidiary of GM.