Chelsea Logo

chelsea logo

Chelsea is one of the most prominent and successful English football clubs. Founded in 1905, it has won numerous championships and competitions over its history.

Chelsea Logo Meaning and History

Chelsea Logo

Since its inception, the Chelsea logo has been modified several times. The first logo was designed based on the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea. It was in use until 1952. Shortly after that the renowned lion holding a staff in its paws was introduced. The lion was borrowed from the coat of arms of Earl Cadogan.

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Chelsea Symbol

chelsea symbol

Today’s Chelsea logo is similar to the one that was in use from 1953 until 1986 but for a number of slight changes. The lion rampant regardant bears a staff of the Abbots of Westminster

Chelsea Emblem

chelsea emblem

The current Chelsea logo emblem was introduced in 2005, and it was well accepted by Chelsea fans and the team itself.

Shape of the Chelsea logo

shape chelsea logo

The Chelsea logo features the lion rampant regardant in a blue circle, which is outlined with gold on the inside and outside. The circle bears the club’s name, two balls and two roses, which are England’s national symbols.

Colors of the Chelsea logo

colors chelsea logo

The Chelsea logo includes blue, white, yellow, and red colors – a combination, which expresses energy, elegance, excellence, and perseverance.

Font of the Chelsea logo

chelsea fc logo

The club’s name is written in a sans-serif typerface.