Proton Logo

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Proton Logo
Proton is a brand of the pioneering Malaysian automaker, which was formed in 1983. Until 1993 it was the sole car-producer in its country. The brand exports its vehicles to Europe and the USA and plans to expand its activity.

Meaning and history

Proton Logo history

The company’s name, Proton, is a derivative from Malaysian for “National Automobile Company”, which is “PeRusahaan OTOmonil Nasional”. The Proton logo design concept is sharp and stylish and is a tribute to the brand’s motherland.
The Proton logo is composed of a badge with a wordmark placed in its upper part.
The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a clean and confident sans-serif typeface, with wide letters. The nameplate is colored yellow, which makes a good contrast with the deep blue of the emblem’s background.
Proton Logo
The Proton emblem is a shield-like figure, outlined in yellow and with a bright green circle in the center of it, beyond the wordmark. The brand’s symbol, Tiger’s head is executed in yellow and located in a green circle. Tiger is a very significant animal for Malaysia and it is drawn on the National Coat of Arms.
Tiger is a symbol of strength and courage, it is a representation of the brand’s power and masculinity. The sharp cuts of the tiger’s image resemble another heraldic symbol of Malaysia — the 14-point yellow star, which can be seen both on the national flag and coat of arms of the country.