The 44 World’s Best Vodka Brands and Logos

Best Vodka Brands

Vodka is one of the most popular strong alcoholic beverages, known worldwide, though not every producer can boast of high-quality vodka. In this article, we have gathered the best vodka brands from around the globe. Some have long been leaders in world rankings, while others are less known but certainly deserve attention.

There are various ratings for vodka: one compiled by American experts, another by Russian experts (as vodka is traditionally considered a Russian drink), and also ratings based on the popularity of vodka brands. Experts evaluate vodka on several parameters, including popularity, quality, price, and distinctive characteristics like sweetness, suitability for gluten-free diets, or how well the vodka pairs with mixers like lemons or in cocktails like Bloody Marys.

The selection of vodka can be intricate, especially considering the sheer number of brands – over a thousand. The first comparison of various brands was conducted by the Institute of Tasting Drinks in 1998. Notably, the French brand Grey Goose, known for its refined distillation process, has been consistently ranked as the best, maintaining its top position.

In an official ranking by U.S. experts, the best vodka is French Grey Goose, produced in the province of Cognac, followed by Russian Crystall, and Polish Krolewska vodka.

Brands like Grey Goose, Absolut, Finlandia, Beluga and Haku vodka are well-known as premium brands. However, not all high-quality vodkas are in the elite segment. The hallmark of premium vodka is a near total absence of taste, save for unique, brand-specific notes. Made from the finest quality alcohol and undergoing a multistage purification process, elite vodka is free from extraneous impurities and harsh alcoholic flavors, offering a smooth, easy drink. Their original design and spectacular packaging make these premium vodkas luxurious gifts for those who appreciate exclusivity.

Vodka is a clear alcohol, originally produced in Eastern Europe from cereals, with an alcohol content of about 40% vol./80 proof. When mixed with other drinks, its taste is almost indistinguishable, but overindulgence can lead to notable consequences the next day. While not very expensive, it’s advisable not to skimp on vodka, as your body will feel the difference.

Choosing vodka Brands

The term ‘vodka’ originates from the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe, stemming from their word for water, ‘voda’. ‘Vodka’ means ‘little water’, either because of its resemblance to water at first glance or because it’s so strong post-distillation that it needs to be diluted with a little water.

So, let’s explore the best vodka brands and find the ideal alcohol for cocktails for your next party, whether you’re serving Bloody Marys, mixing with lemons, or looking for a smooth, gluten-free option.


Grey Goose (France)

Logo Grey Goose

Soft premium vodka, owned by the Bacardi brand, was produced in the French city of Cognac, which gave the name to another world-famous drink.

It is made based on soft winter wheat and spring water. The recipe was created by famous producers of cognac and French pastries.

The drink is produced using special technology with limestone purification and fivefold distillation. For the drink, we use water from the spring of Ghent and the highest grade of winter baking wheat, which undergoes a long cascade fermentation in six tanks before purification.

Since 2003 Grey Goose is considered a world leader in vodka bottling, because the producers have thoroughly thought over all the stages, from wheat harvesting to five-stage distillation.

Cristall (Russia)

Logo Cristall

Vodka brand Cristall, despite the country of production, has much more popular abroad than in Russia.

Brand Cristall vodka has a very subtle taste. Specially developed Alcosoft carbohydrate purification modules are used in the production of this brand of vodka. Grain infusion of special aging with malic acid as an acidity regulator is used as a base.

Thanks to unique production technologies, Cristall, is rightfully ranked as the best vodka in Russia and the second best in the world.

Krolewska (Poland)

Logo Krolewska

The Polish Krolewska vodka brand is a source of pride for Poles. The famous Lubuska Wytwornia Wodek Catunkowych plant has been trying to compete with Russian producers for a long time and has achieved excellent results in this field. Pure alcoholic beverage is made from high-quality ingredients and undergoes multiple filtrations before being bottled in unique designs.

Only the best grades of alcohol and water that have undergone several stages of purification are used here. It has a delicate mild taste with a slight touch of rye.

Purity (Sweden)

Logo Purity

Ultra premium class. This wolf has a record number of awards at various international competitions. It has a complex bouquet, thanks to multiple distillations. Natural ingredients such as artesian water, wheat, barley, etc. are used for production.

The Swedish craftsman Tomas Kuuttanen set a goal to invent a new method of distillation and create a vodka with a special silky texture. In 2007 he registered his brand.

Reyka (Iceland)

Logo Reyka

This Icelandic Wolf is characterized by a mild flavor with citrus notes. Has a warming effect. It is produced at the distillery with the same name. The name can be translated as smoke or steam. This is because there is a lot of volcanic activity around the distillery.

The recipe was developed by local specialists. Reyka Small Batch is one of the few distilleries in the world that uses geothermal energy to power its equipment.

The high quality is because for the production of the vodka they use springs where the water is in contact with solidified lava. Thanks to this, it is naturally purified. The distillation is done in an apparatus specially developed by local specialists.

Armenia Pomegranate (Armenia)

Logo Armenia Pomegranate

The “Armenia Pomegranate” vodka, produced by Proshyan Brandy Factory, encapsulates a distinct flavor profile derived from ripe pomegranates harvested from the fertile valleys of Armenia. With an alcohol volume of 44%, this vodka exemplifies a perfect blend of traditional Armenian distillery practices and the rich, natural resources of the region. This product stands as a part of Proshyan Brandy Factory’s 100% original collection, showcasing the authentic essence of Armenian spirits that make it a preferred choice for vodka enthusiasts.

For the production of alcohol, which is the basis of this vodka, an infusion of pomegranates grown on the hills of the Ararat Valley, as well as the purest water from the mountain springs is used.

Armenia has been famous for its strong alcohol since ancient times. Armenia Pomegranate is produced in one of the oldest factories and is distinguished by its unusual taste with pomegranate notes. They almost completely drown out the alcoholic tones, which makes the vodka resemble a good strong wine.

J.J. Kurberg (Estonia)

Logo J.J. Kurberg

This unusual Estonian product is made according to ancient recipes, known since ancient times. The original recipe was developed by pharmacist Jakob Kurberg, after whom the drink is named. Organic vodka is produced by “Moe” company. It is made from the highest purity alcohol with the addition of medicinal plant extracts: Rhodiola Rosea, cayenne pepper, and hops. They also produce a pure product without any additional additives.

Summum (France)

Logo Summum

Produced by author’s recipe. It is repeatedly distilled and enriched with oxygen. It has a soft and bright aroma.

Summum is a product of a famous brand of cognac in France and abroad. The company was founded in 1988 in the old town of Cognac. The author of the recipe Patrick Guidicelli set himself the task to invent the most refined vodka in the world.

Vox (Holland)

Logo Vox

High-quality vodka, which is made based on the best alcohols. Produced by a famous Dutch company. It has a classic aftertaste. Thanks to the fact that the alcohol goes through a system of filters, amazing smoothness is achieved.

Vox is just gaining popularity in the world, but it is already loved because of its crystal purity and absence of a pungent smell.

Rain (USA)

Logo Rain

This American brand of vodka is made from corn and uses diamond dust and charcoal for filtration. Rain is such a pure product that it actually has no taste.

It is super-premium segment alcohol and is particularly popular in the U.S. By the name of its product, Rain, the producer seeks to emphasize the special purity of its product, which is distilled 7 times during production.

Nordic (Finland)

Logo Nordic

The basis of the vodka Nordic is water from a special spring in Finland. The infusion of forest berries is also added, which provides a unique taste. In fact, it is not even a vodka, but a good tincture made according to ancient recipes.

It is made at one of the oldest factories in Finland. Nordic has a pronounced berry flavor and is somewhat inferior in strength to classic vodka.

Thanks to the peculiarities of distillation and a large number of purification stages the drink becomes soft and unique.

Vincent (Holland)

Logo Vincent

Not much is known about Dutch vodka. Moreover, this particular vodka is made exclusively in small batches from wheat and barley. The drink undergoes double distillation, which softens its taste.

One of the best alcoholic beverages in the world. The taste is represented by a variety of shades from banana to caramel and chocolate. The original design of the packaging with reproductions of paintings of a famous artist.

Soplica (Poland)

Logo Soplica

This is the oldest alcohol brand in Poland. Depending on the type, different fruits and berries may dominate the taste. The line is characterized by a great variety. Here you can find both classic vodka and national tinctures.

After Soplica merged with Central European Distribution Corporation, the production meets all European quality standards and the bottles have a special embossing, which should exclude counterfeiting.

Laplandia (Finland)

Logo Laplandia

Promising brand from a Finnish company. Refers to the super-premium class. It has a special, mild taste. Produced by Global Drinks Finland, founded in 1992. According to the manufacturers’ idea, Laplandia should reflect the true character of the north.

The line is distinguished by a variety of bouquets, based on northern berries. However, there are more exotic options like coconut, espresso, etc. There are several variants of good gift boxes.

Nemiroff (Ukraine)

Logo Nemiroff

It is produced since 1992 under the control of the same name international holding. It is made of quality grain alcohol, spring water, and natural additives.

This Ukrainian producer got famous thanks to the premium vodka category “Nemiroff Lex”. This vodka is made from matured alcohol of the “Lux” class, matured for not less than 6 months. During the production process, the composition includes linden blossom and oat flakes, for a more effective purification use succinic acid. The result is a product without impurities, but with a light floral flavor and a harmonious taste.

Three Olives (England)

Logo Three Olives

The brand appeared in 1998. The alcohol is made by quadruple distillation of winter wheat.

The producers sought to create quality, affordable, and just good vodka. To do this, several production processes were modified, and only natural ingredients were included in the composition.

Now Three Olives can be found in many bars around the world, where it is used to make good alcoholic cocktails. Three Olives can be tasted with flavors of almost all known fruits and berries.

Stolichnaya (Russia)

Logo Stolichnaya

A vodka that needs no special introduction. The Stolichnaya vodka brand is synonymous with Russian vodka abroad, as well as popular in Russia itself. Well, and a look that has been unchanged since Soviet times.

Moses Date (Finland)

Logo Moses Date

A drink from a Finnish company that is positioned as kosher. This statement is confirmed by the experts of the Jewish religious organization. It is the only completely organic vodka in the world that is made only from natural products.

It is made from good sugar cane and well water. Some bottles are decorated with natural 24-carat gold. Moses Date is not as strong as the more usual Stolichnaya. It contains only 32% alcohol.

Hlebnik (Poland)

Logo Hlebnik

This is a premium grain distillate. The beverage is made with rye bran. It is produced by Rodionov and Sons according to old technology.

The aroma of Hlebnik has notes of honey, flowers, and rye bread. The bouquet is soft and pleasant, with hints of meadow flowers, grass, and fresh bread. Thanks to the classic design of the bottle, Hlebnik is often used during traditional feasts.

Neft (Austria)

Logo Neft

Austrian super-premium vodka made from Alpine water and selected rye of the best varieties. Multistage distillation and carbon filtration guarantee the crystal purity of the drink and give it a balanced taste with nuances of bread crust and spices. It is recommended to serve this vodka at 5 °С in summer and 10-12 °С in winter.

Finlandia (Finland)

Logo Finlandia

Classic Finlandia has a mild, pleasant taste, and the availability of a huge number of different flavors makes this brand one of the best-selling in the world.

The classic variant is made with six-row barley and melted glacier water. The official founding year of the brand is 1970.

Finlandia has a classic vodka flavor with light hints of barley. It rarely gives you a hangover.



A famous brand is highly appreciated in the U.S., where the Italian version of the vodka is especially popular and best-selling. The drink is also known in other countries: Canada, Brazil, and Italy. The product was first produced in San Francisco, later the plant passed into the ownership of “Campari” company. The production technology includes a fourfold distillation and a threefold filtration. The drink is sold in different versions: classic, flavored, and cocktail.

Beluga (Russia)

Logo Beluga

The leader in the family of premium products. The products are exported to 80 countries of the world. Artesian water from a depth of more than 300 meters is used for production. The super-premium brands undergo additional purification with quartz sand and silver. The alcohol is malted.

The original bottle with a figurine of a metal fish and a cork sealed with sealing wax cannot be missed. The Russian brand, developed by Synergy, is known far beyond its homeland. The purest artesian water from Siberian springs and carefully purified malt liquor of high quality are used to produce the noble beverage. The most expensive collection is the “Beluga Gold Line”, produced in limited edition. To remove the sealing wax, the gift set includes a hammer and a brush.

Vermont Spirits White (USA)

Logo Vermont Spirits White

American brand, which was included in the list of 15 best vodkas in the world, according to international experts. It differs from its analogs by its unusual composition, including maple juice, milk sugar, and apple cider.

Thanks to multiple distillations, a pure product is obtained, which has a mild taste. Vermont Spirits White is considered an exclusive vodka. Each bottle is manually numbered by the manufacturer. This eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.

Diva (Scotland)

Logo Diva

Scottish vodka is famous as one of the most expensive. This exclusive drink is produced by Blackwood Distillers. During the production process, the product undergoes triple distillation and thorough filtration through black birch charcoal. the next purification stage involves filtering the beverage through diamond chips, which together with the designer bottle determines the high price of “DIVA Premium” vodka.

Absolut (Sweden)

Logo Absolut

A legendary Swedish vodka, famous thanks to a successful advertising campaign. Its creators were the first to produce strong drinks by continuous distillation. Today Absolut is made of winter wheat and pure drinking water without sugar and flavorings. As a result, the drink retains its rich wheat flavor and mild aroma.

The leader in the premium segment. Characterized by softness. Produced from good alcohol based on winter wheat. Vodka is made by Vin&Sprirt and exported to 120 countries around the world.

Absolut contains no sugar. It is based on wheat and artesian water. It has a delicate taste with predominant grain tones and notes of dried fruit.

Russian Standard (Russia)

Logo Russian Standard

A premium brand owned by Europe’s largest alcoholic beverage producer. It appeared on the market in 1998. It is distinguished by a refined soft taste and a special bottling technology.

Selected grain and water from the lakes – are the key ingredients of this vodka. Premium brand, quite popular in Russia and abroad.

Belvedere (Poland)

Logo Belvedere

This Polish premium product is produced near Warsaw based on a special type of rye and artesian water. The alcohol, obtained in the process, undergoes a multi-stage purification system. The result is a crystal clear drink with a soft bouquet and a touch of vanilla aftertaste. The label of this elite vodka shows a palace, the residence of Polish kings and presidents, which gave its name to the famous brand.

Smirnoff (England)

Logo Smirnoff

A British brand with Russian roots. The English company “Diageo” produces one of the best-selling and most expensive vodka in the premium segment. The drink was first released in Russia in the 1960s and later produced in Istanbul, Paris, and North America. Today this elite vodka is made and drunk in many countries of the world.

Grey Cardinal (Lithuania)

Logo Grey Cardinal

Premium-class organic vodka is produced by Lithuania’s oldest factory “Stumbras”, owned by “MV Group”. The beverage is made from unique wheat alcohol from Sicily and water extracted from underground springs. Thanks to purification with linen filters, the product acquires a noble soft taste and crystal clarity.

JJ Whitley Artisanal (England)

Logo JJ Whitley Artisanal

The best vodka in the category “Premium” was the vodka from the British manufacturer Halewood Artisanal Spirits called JJ Whitley Artisanal (38%, 750 ml). The vodka is produced at a factory near St. Petersburg. Here, too, the experts were supremely elegant, calling it “crisp, with warming spice and subtle notes of fruit, as well as vanilla and almond.”

Danzka (Denmark)

Logo Danzka

Danish vodka is made from the purest Scandinavian water and whole grain. Poured in aluminum bottles with a minimalist and functional design: this format allows you to quickly cool the drink before drinking. Vodka is suitable as a base for cocktails and for drinking pure.

Svedka (Sweden)

Logo Svedka

Svedka vodka, owned by Constellation Brands, is made today in the city of Lidcheping but is exported in large quantities to the United States, where it is considered one of the most popular, outstanding, and unique alcoholic brands. This vodka was invented, developed, and first produced by two master distillers, Bo Johansson and Pernille Helström, who was considered among the most successful and professional specialists in Northern Europe.

Ketel One (Holland)

Logo Ketel One

And here’s another Dutch vodka of the traditional formulation. the Dutch producer Ketel One uses ancient distilling traditions dating back to the early days of the state.

Ketel One is a first-class luxury liquor with a long and illustrious history and is produced in the Netherlands. The strong alcoholic drink is made from natural wheat, after grinding it is mixed with pure drinking water and mashed to consistency. After that, the resulting mixture is put through a distillation machine, resulting in a quality class wheat spirit. Because the drink undergoes double distillation in distillation cubes, the vodka acquires crystal purity and perfect transparency.

Russo-Baltique (Russia)

Logo Russo-Baltique

The most expensive vodka in the world. The production of this company is poured in glass bulletproof bottles, and the thickness of their walls – is 30 cm. The cork is made of gold. And now for the most interesting part – by buying a bottle of this vodka, you get an SUV as a gift. The cost of the drink is 1,5 million dollars.  The creators of this drink are the car company Russo-Balt and the daughter of the Kazakh oligarch Regina Abdurazakova.

Koskenkorva (Finland)

Logo Koskenkorva

Finnish barley vodka is produced using only selected grain and pure drinking water. Unique is the way of production – 200-step rectification. The drink has a classic vodka flavor and a pleasant warming aftertaste. Served pure, with orange juice or ice, and in Finland with licorice lollipops.

Five (UK)

Logo Five

Five Vodka consistently wins international competitions and is one of the leading vodka brands in Britain. The vodka “has notes of fruit and boiled barley, as well as pepper, spices, and roasted nuts.



Crystal Head Vodka, made of a special kind of wheat grown in North Yorkshire, England, and fresh glacial water from Newfoundland, was a real breakthrough in the alcohol market.

Through multi-stage filtration, where the vodka passes through several layers of diamonds, the highest quality product is obtained and the original container in which Crystal Head vodka is sold today. Crystal Head vodka has caused a great stir on the market not only because of its high quality but also because of its non-standard bottle, in the form of a human skull, shimmering in different colors, similar to the northern lights.

CIROC (France)


Ciroc vodka became for many connoisseurs of alcohol, the widest field of research of flavors and aromas because the drink is presented by the manufacturer in different variations, designed for a wide audience of connoisseurs of strong and weak alcoholic beverages. One of the most important details that distinguish this alcoholic product from other types of vodka is the use of two varieties of white grapes, called Mauzac Blanc and Ugni.

BlaVod (England)

Logo BlaVod

People are used to vodka being a clear drink with no color. However, British resident Mark Dorman believes otherwise. In 1996 this person created a black vodka that does not differ from standard “fire water” in taste and aroma. Black Vodka Blavod is the first 40-degree vodka in the world, which has a natural black color with a slight greenish hue. The name of the product came from the combination “Black Vodka”. This liquor is produced by the corporation The Original Black Vodka.

Belver Bears (Poland)

Logo Belver Bears

A sophisticated product made in Poland. This beverage was first presented to the public in 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival, released in very small batches. The bottle is bear-shaped and has a blue backlight. The cost of one copy is 7 thousand dollars.

Chambord (France)

Logo Chambord

Experimental flavored vodka, produced by a famous French liquor brand. The company has been known on the world market for a very long time as one of the most beloved brands of blackberry liqueur. The vodka is made from the purest French water, wheat, hibiscus flowers, and blackberries. This vodka is used as an ingredient for cocktails and is also perfect as a gift because it has great packaging.

Chase (England)

Logo Chase

Another unusual brand of vodka from Great Britain. Chase is a potato drink that has been voted the best vodka in the world at several significant championships. This vodka is made entirely by hand, from products that are grown on the same farm. Another Cool feature of the brand is that all processes are streamed online.

Pincer Shanghai Strength (Scotland)

Logo Pincer Shanghai Strength

Wolf of the famous company Pincer is considered the strongest in the world, its strength is 88.8 degrees. It is not the first record of Scotland in strength – the country also produces the strongest beer and the strongest gin. The main market for vodka is China. After all, as we know, the number eight is traditionally considered one of the happiest for the Chinese.

Benefits of Vodka

Strong alcohol is not that bad, it drinking it in reasonable amounts. Thus, Vodka has several health benefits:

It has antimicrobial properties.

Vodka can act as a natural disinfectant and antiseptic in many cases. An earlier study by the University of Connecticut claims that it is one of the most effective “cures” for toothache and wound healing. The same study states that it is even ideal for house cleaning.

Relieves stress

You’ve probably heard that red wine acts as a natural relaxant. But it should by no means be compared to vodka, which – scientifically proven – is even more effective in relieving stress.

It helps the heart

Vodka can increase blood flow and circulation in the body to the point that it can even prevent blood clots, strokes, and some heart diseases. It also lowers cholesterol and is considered a low-calorie drink.

Benefits of Vodka

Some statistics

The best-selling vodka

Vodka consumption in the world is growing every year, with this spirit accounting for twenty percent of all alcohol sold. This growth is partly due to the steady supply of raw materials necessary for its production. Additionally, the increasing popularity of cocktails, which often include vodka, is boosting this trend. Cocktails featuring vodka are diverse, with mixologists frequently using flavors like peach, pears, and ginger beer to create unique and refreshing drinks. These ingredients not only enhance the flavor profile of vodka but also cater to a wide range of consumer tastes. The versatility of vodka in blending with various flavors, including the sweetness of peach, the subtle taste of pears, and the spicy kick of ginger beer, contributes significantly to its growing appeal in the global market.

Most vodka is sold in the United States

The most “vodka” country is considered America, which consumes almost forty percent of this strong drink in monetary terms, often favoring vodkas infused with flavors like rice, grapefruit, or cucumber. It is followed by Russia, accounting for twenty-five percent of consumption in monetary terms, where traditional recipes are more prevalent. Poland, known for experimenting with unique vodka flavors including grapefruit and cucumber, drinks eleven percent. Twenty percent is shared among Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, England, Uzbekistan, Germany, and Romania, where vodka is often enjoyed in its classic form or infused with locally favored ingredients such as rice, adding a distinct twist to the spirit. This global diversity in vodka consumption reflects not only the drink’s popularity but also its versatility in adapting to different regional tastes, whether it be the subtle notes of rice, the refreshing tang of grapefruit, or the crispness of cucumber.

The best-selling vodka

The best-selling brand of classic vodka in the world is recognized as Smirnoff vodka. Its annual sales volume is almost two hundred and thirty million liters. Next comes the French vodka Absolut.

The cheapest vodka

If we make a list of countries by the low price of vodka, Belarus comes first, followed by Central Asia, then Ukraine and Poland.

The best-selling vodka

The most expensive vodka in the world

There are very unusual brands of vodka in the world, including some from unexpected places like Texas, where Tito’s Handmade Vodka has gained popularity for its distinct crafting method. For example, for seven thousand dollars, you can buy the vodka OVAL Swarovski Crystal, with a bottle made of gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals. Seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars will buy you Belver Bears vodka, which was official at the Cannes Film Festival 2011. On the high end, Russo-Baltique vodka is priced at seven hundred forty thousand dollars. Similarly, the Scottish vodka DIVA sells for one million dollars, with its high price attributed to the addition of semi-precious and precious stones after the drink is bottled.

At the pinnacle is the more expensive Russo-Baltique vodka, protected by bulletproof glass nearly thirty centimeters thick, and a cork made of yellow and white gold. Each bottle of this vodka comes with a car equipped with gold wheels, costing a staggering one and a half million dollars. While not as opulent as these examples, Tito’s Handmade Vodka from Texas and Chopin, a Polish brand, are also noted for their unique qualities in the vodka market.

The most unusual vodka

It is interesting to know about several brands of unusual vodka. For example, in Mongolia they make vodka based on fermented goat’s milk – this is the “Hero of Genghis Khan” archive. In England, there is potato vodka “Chase”. Remarkably, in 2010 it was voted the best in the world. Scotland produced Pincer Shanghai Strength vodka, whose strength is almost ninety percent. France produces flavored vodka based on wheat, hibiscus, and blackberries. It is called Chambord.


How is good vodka different from “bad” vodka?

A classic vodka is an alcoholic drink consisting of only two ingredients: ethyl alcohol and water. It is difficult to spoil if both ingredients are of good quality. Such a drink has almost no taste and smell, is easy to drink, and after drinking it in reasonable quantities there is no hangover syndrome.

Another thing is adulterants, made from low-grade raw materials with a violation of technology. These are the ones that most often give rise to criticism from consumers. Moreover: consumption of illegally produced alcohol can be life-threatening.

Good vodka is as clear as a tear and as clear as rock crystal.

The ingredients of good vodka

The ingredients of good vodka: what to pay attention to

  • High-quality alcohol

For the manufacture of vodka, alcohol obtained by rectification is used. Unlike distillate, it does not retain the flavor and aroma of the original raw material, so first of all, you need to look at how well it is purified, not what it is made of.

  • The right technology

The aqueous-alcoholic mixture goes through a complex filtration system before it is bottled. First, it is passed through a layer of quartz sand, then through batteries of activated carbon. For the premium segment products, additional purification with egg white, milk, and precious metals is used. The filtration process separates all mechanical impurities, and reduces the number of aldehydes and higher alcohols – it is not a whim, but a matter of product safety.

  • Natural additives

Vodka can be classic and special. The first contains nothing but water and alcohol. The second may contain additives that affect organoleptic properties. All additives may change the flavor of the vodka, and its aroma, but not its color: it must remain transparent. In ordinary mid-priced vodka, additives are often just a marketing ploy. The proportion of the ingredients specified in the formulation is so small that they are unlikely to be felt. It may also happen that with additional ingredients the producer is trying to disguise the alcohol which is not quite of high quality. If you like the classic vodka flavor, it’s better to settle for a pure product without additives.

The special flavored Vodka is prepared by a different technology. In addition to ethanol and water, in it, you can taste aromatic alcohols obtained by repeated distillation of alcoholic infusions of herbs, berries, fruits, and nuts. Such distillate is also transparent, but it concentrates not only vodka but also aromas from the constituent components.

choose a quality vodka

How to choose a quality vodka: what to pay attention to

Any alcohol store provides a good assortment of wine and vodka products. Because of this, unsophisticated buyers may have problems with the choice. If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with a sick head, here are some tips.

In stores, anyone can get a fake. It will stand in a prominent place, so as not to arouse suspicion. It is possible to determine the surrogate by many attributes.

  • You should pay attention to everything beginning from the quality of the package up to the tint of the liquid.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the color of alcohol. It should be crystal clear with no turbid specks. There should not be any sediment on the bottom. To check this, you should turn the bottle upside down and hold it in that position for a few seconds.
  • Next, look through the liquid into sunlight or a bright lamp. The right product after all these manipulations should not change its hue. If any suspended particles or turbid flecks appeared in the liquid, it indicates that the alcohol has not been purified and there are impurities in it.
  • If the product is good and produced in the factory with compliance with all technological processes, then the cap on it will not twist or leak. It is better to opt for a bottle with a white dispenser. This design is more difficult for underground shops to tamper with.
  • The label can also tell a lot about the legality of the product. It should be evenly glued, and all the inscriptions should be well-readable. Factory products always carry an excise stamp, which gives the buyer full information about the product.
  • The data on the cover and the label should be identical. At this point, many counterfeiters make a mistake. Don’t be lazy and check if the bottling date on the cap and the label match.
  • Famous brands fight for their prestige and customers’ health by additional methods. For this purpose, they develop special ways of protection, making it difficult to counterfeit.
  • These can be embossed marks on the bottle, coats of arms, and other markers. Here, each letter or symbol can mean something different. Sometimes a numerical code is put on the label.
  • QR codes have appeared on some bottles. This allows you to quickly read the information about the product online. It is enough just to point it at the screen of your phone with the camera turned on. This solution provides additional reliability and gives an advantage in the fight against counterfeits.

The signs of premium vodka

The signs of premium vodka

Of course, there is no need to buy premium vodka for a family feast, guided only by the consideration of good quality liquor. In this case, the beauty of the package and the fivefold refinement of the product does not play a role.

Below we offer you a brief list of the main features of premium vodka.

  • The main difference between elite vodka from ordinary vodka is practically the total absence of any flavor. The only exception may be special varieties of alcoholic beverages, which are characterized by a particular brand.
  • Premium vodka is often made from high-quality spirits (“extra” or “luxury”) and undergoes extremely careful multi-stage purification.
  • Premium spirits are completely free of harsh alcoholic taste and foreign impurities.
  • High-quality expensive alcohol is effortless to drink.

Every premium liquor has spectacular packaging and original design, which makes this liquor a truly chic gift for lovers and connoisseurs of exclusive alcohol.