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Heys is a global leader in cutting-edge luggage design. Originating from Canada, the brand has transformed travel with its innovative, lightweight luggage. Heys continues to thrive in the luggage sector, emphasizing quality and style in its products, tailored for both casual and business travelers. The firm has expanded its reach internationally, with a significant presence in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Privately owned, Heys maintains a strong commitment to innovation, ensuring travelers move seamlessly. The brand stands as a symbol of luxury and durability in the travel gear industry.

Meaning and history

Heys International Ltd. embarked on its journey in 1986, setting its roots in Ontario, Canada. Conceived by founder Harry Sheikh, Heys began as a small operation focusing on a unique blend of European design and North American practicality. The early days saw the company emphasizing innovative luggage solutions, marrying style with functionality.

During its initial phase, Heys championed hard-sided luggage, which was a fresh approach in a market dominated by soft-sided alternatives. This vision bore fruit when they introduced the “World’s Lightest Carry-On,” capturing significant attention and setting a new industry standard.

As the 2000s approached, the brand garnered international acclaim, prompting expansions into global markets. This global presence was a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing the travel experience, making journeys smoother for millions.

Throughout its history, Heys maintained its core values of innovation and quality. A pivotal moment came with the introduction of their patented “Smart Luggage” line, integrating modern tech features into their luggage designs.

Ownership of Heys remained consistent with the Sheikh family, ensuring that the company’s original vision stayed intact. This consistency in leadership allowed Heys to stay nimble, adapting to market changes swiftly and introducing pioneering products regularly.

Today, after decades in the industry, Heys stands as a beacon of innovation, holding a firm place in the global market. Their history is a testament to the blend of dedication, innovation, and a constant pursuit of excellence, ensuring travelers always journey in style.


Heys Logo

The logo depicts a bold, emblematic shield design. Dominated by a rich red hue, the shield contains a central white space, showcasing a stylized lion figure, exuding a sense of strength and regality. Above this central figure, the word “HEYS” is prominently displayed in uppercase, adopting a slightly italicized and elegant font. A thin red line gracefully arches over the brand name, further accentuating its prominence. The entirety of the design is encompassed within a continuous red border that seamlessly merges into the shield’s pointed base. A subtle “®” sign can be seen to the bottom right, indicating trademark registration.