Most Famous Logos in Purple

Most Famous Logos in Purple

Purple is a great combination of fiery red and oceanic blue. It is a rare occurrence in nature, which is why it is often considered precious, sacred, and delicate. Purple is considered the color of success, luxury, courage, and wealth. It conjures up images of greatness and mysticism. Purple is also a feminine color that brings images of fairies and beautiful nature.

There are numerous shades and hues of this color. Purple activates the imagination and captivates the eyes. Since it retains the qualities of the colors red and blue, incorporating it into a logo design will showcase glamor, elegance, and leadership. Purple logos are often found on brands that specialize in luxury goods, cosmetics and beauty, and educational institutions.


Apogee Logo

The purple color allowed Apogee Electronics to stand out against all-black brands. The use of purple color also showed the customers that the products meet the highest standards and will provide the utmost level of enjoyment. In addition, the purple hinted at the company’s striving to be a leader in the market.


Apollo Logo

The purple color makes a relatively simple and clean logo look rich and grand. Since this is a relatively unexpected color choice for the tire brand, it allows Apollo to stand out among its competitors. It reflects the strength and dedication to excellence.


Aussie Logo

Aussie is an internationally popular brand that produces a full line of hair care products. The Aussie company makes the hair look luxurious and perfect, and that is exactly what the purple color communicates. This is not a mass-market product, but rather a brand that brings the best out of any type of hair.


Avid Logo

The Avid Technology Company turned to purple for its logo from the very beginning. It makes innovative and premium solutions, which makes it clear why Avid chose this rich and stylish color. The purple is also a great reflection of its leadership in the market.


Babies R Us Logo

The parent company’s logo has a rainbow color palette, so it took the purple shade to create a logo for its baby and toddler products brand. Purple is still associated with fairy tales, magicians, princesses, flowers, and butterflies. The color encourages creativity and is associated with the fantasy and magic of childhood.


BenQ logo

Benq is a top global supplier of human technologies and solutions. The purple color reflects the quality part of the company’s tagline “Bringing Enjoyment N’ Quality of Life”. It carries the stability and reliability of the blue color and the strength and energy of the red.


Byju’s Logo

An international educational technology company, Byjus offers learning solutions that are incredibly flexible, interesting, and efficient. Multiple educational institutions are associated with purple color. Thus, Byjus used it as a representation of wisdom, ambition, creativity, and the power of technology.


Claire's logo

The purple color has been closely associated with creativity and Claire’s allows women to express themselves. No matter the stage of life a person is going through, the brand claims to have just the right beauty products, jewelry, and accessories to help one achieve their best.


Craigslist logo

Craigslist is a website where local ads can be seen and posted. It allows users to quickly and efficiently get in touch to buy and sell goods, rent an apartment, or find a job. The logo reflects its commitment to simplicity and excellent user experience.

Crown Royal

The name and the crown element in the logo already hint at the grand, luxurious, and royal nature of this brand. The arrival of the English monarch George VI in Canada in 1939 inspired wine masters to create a real masterpiece. They created a unique, excellent drink, appreciated not only by the king.


Curves Logo

Curves is a brand that caters to female clients. To avoid overusing the pink color to add a feminine touch, the company went for purple. It gives the logo a unique feminine aspect that is full of creativity, beauty, and grandeur. This color shows that Curves has the power to transform people’s lives.

E4 Channel

E4 channel Logo

E4 Channel is a British free-to-air television channel, where the letter “E” stands for entertainment. The channel targets the 16–34 age range. The chosen purple shade here injects liveliness and fun touch, making the logo appealing to this age group, and adds a unique and original touch.


Fedex logo

FedEx is one of the world’s leading express delivery and freight companies. The company’s primary color has always been purple, which is deeply ingrained in the corporate culture. The purple represents the brand’s legacy and trustworthiness.



The British video game retailer chose purple for its logo. It does not look old-fashioned but rather appeals to the active, energetic, and youthful audience. It shows how much the hue and shade of a color change its perception.

Los Angeles Lakers

Logo Los Angeles Lakers

The color also stands for courage and boldness, so the Los Angeles Lakers added purple to their logo. It looks very nice against the energetic and bright yellow. This color has been referred to as “Royal Purple”. The team got this impressive and beautiful color with a regal feel thanks to Jack Kent Cooke, the owner at the time.


Milka logo

For more than a hundred years, Milka has been pleasing consumers around the world with its unique taste. The lighter shade of purple tells that this is not just another chocolate bar, but a chocolate treat worthy of a king. It instantly elevates the product.


Monster Logo

Monster is a leading job platform that connects employers with available talent. In this context, purple represents intelligence, wisdom, and creativity. Its sophisticated software and innovative tools make it a reputable and esteemed organization.


NYU Logo

New York University (NYU) is one of the most respected universities in America and a leader in innovation in higher education. The deep, muted shade of purple in the logo gives it that prestigious appearance. The purple color is often used in the education industry and is associated with wisdom, honor, leadership, and creativity.

Premier League

Premier League logo

The English Premier League is the most-watched sports league in the world. The purple color dominates the logo and is accompanied only by a neutral white. It stands for bravery and leadership. The logo also features a lion with a crown, which makes the royal purple an even better color choice.


Purdys logo

Throughout its rich history, the company has provided an extraordinary chocolate experience to every customer. Purdy’s is considered a premium chocolate. This is reflected in the logo, not only through the use of elegant and sophisticated font but also through the purple and white color palette.


PurpleBricks Logo

PurpleBricks is an organization that offers brokerage services for real estate. The founders believed that whereas “bricks” represented property and technology, purple represented “regalness.” Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and wealth and this logo is not an exception.

Purple Cow

Purple Cow Logo

Purple Cow is a well-known brand that offers tasty and unusual ice cream flavors. In this case, the name refers to the “Purple Cow” metaphor that inspires companies to stand out in an overcrowded market. Purple Cow ice cream maker was able to achieve and a unique name and logo helped with this.


Roku Logo

Roku creates soundbars and streaming players that have won awards. It created the smart TV streaming OS that is currently the best-selling in Mexico and the US. The purple color emphasizes this leadership in the industry and commitment to the highest quality.


Scentsy Logo

Scentsy is a remarkable brand of scents, home décor, and fragrance systems. The entire logo is purple as the products fall under traditional premium niche items. In fact, Scentsy uses innovative technologies in production, enabling employees to achieve unique designs and high product quality.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Logo

Taco Bell is a chain of fast food restaurants specializing exclusively in Mexican cuisine. The logo colors stand out from other restaurant and store signs on a busy street. They also represented youthful energy and excitement. In addition, purple is found in many natural sources, which is a perfect match for a restaurant.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways Logo

Thai Airways International is a Thailand airline and one of the founders of the Star Alliance. The purple color is a symbol of luxury, power, and ambition. It also brings the energy of the red color and the peace and calmness of the blue. Purple and yellow in the logo are complementary colors that always look good together.


Twitch Logo

Twitch is a global online platform optimized for live video streaming. In this context, the purple color is used to represent independence, creativity, and ambition. The purple color is believed to add extra energy and help someone or something gain more recognition, making it a powerful color.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Logo

Urban Decay is a world-renowned premium cosmetics brand that is offering amazing makeup and rich color cosmetics. Knowing this, the royal purple color is very appropriate. It is a perfect representation of a luxurious and powerful brand that allows women to feel beautiful and sexy and be creative.


Viber Logo

Viber is a mobile application that allows you to call and send text messages to other users. Its logo is quite simple and one can instantly tell the essence of the app. The muted deep purple is supposed to represent the exciting, new, and colorful nature of the service.


Wayfair Logo

Although purple is not the only color in the Wayfair logo, it plays an important role and is considered the brand’s signature color. It is very close to the grape shade. The color here represents creativity and luxury, while other colors add other meanings to create a complete brand image.

Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon Championships Logo

Purple and green have been Wimbledon’s colors for over a century. The purple is meant to stand for royalty, creativity, and luxury. It also underlines the “championship” part of the name as the color is associated with leadership and power.

Wizz Air

Wizzair logo

Purple and pink gradients are the main colors of the company. Although Wizz Air is considered a low-cost carrier, it was named one of the world’s ten safest airlines. The purple color aimed to add some sophistication and luxury and attract people to the airline.


Wonka Logo

The Wonka brand uses a deep, rich shade of purple to showcase the luxury of its products. The color also reflects the truly magical experience Wonka sweets bring to everyone who tries them. Even the official website invites one to “Taste the magic of Willy Wonka’s deliciously magical world.”.



Yahoo! is a world-famous IT company from the USA, which owned the second most popular search engine in the world. Besides the fact that the company felt purple was a color that better suited the brand, it was a perfect way to stand out with a distinct color palette and represent one’s power in the industry.


Zoopla Logo

Zoopla is one of the best platforms for searching for housing and apartments in Great Britain, whether for rent or purchase. The purple shade of the Zoopla trademark is one of its most recognizable characteristics. It looks sophisticated and makes the brand look impressive and respected.