Curves Logo

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Curves is an American women-only fitness chain, which has more than 10 thousand locations worldwide and (7 thousand in the USA). The company was established in 1992 by the Heavin family.

Meaning and history

Curves were created for ladies and their visual identity is feminine and strong. The current Curves logo was designed in 1992 and still stays with the gym today, as perfectly represents the spirit and character of the brand and its women-only policies.

The Curves wordmark, which is the only element of the fitness clubs’ logo, is written in a custom cursive typeface with confident curved lines.

Curves Logo

The intense purple color of the lettering looks good on a white background and reflects balance, harmony, and creativity. The color palette also celebrates the strength, confidence, and determination of a modern woman.

The Curves logo is elegant and minimalist, but it has a visible individual character and fully represents the brand, its values, and its philosophy. The custom typeface and the right choice of styles and color scheme make the brand’s visual identity timeless and actual.

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