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What makes the Wonka brand stand out is that it was inspired by a fictional chocolate factory. Hardly a surprise, magic was a prominent theme in the product design.

Meaning and history

Wonka Logo history

The Willy Wonka logo, packaging, and marketing styles were heavily influenced by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a classic novel for children written by Roald Dahl, as well as its first film adaptation. The introduction of the brand at the end of spring 1971 took place a month before the movie was released.

1971 (original bar)

Wonka Logo 1971

The original package showcased the word “Wonka” where the initial “W” “wore” a magician’s hat. The word “Wonka” was white, while the hat was gold. Also, there was the word “bar” in gold below. Both the words featured similar typography. Each of the glyphs looked unique. The artistic curves on the “W,” “K,” “A,” and “R” added a distinctive fairy-tale touch.


Wonka Logo 1996

In 1988, Sunmark Corporation, which owned the brand, sold it to Nestlé. Gradually, Wonka became an umbrella brand for a variety of sweets and chocolate products, including SweeTARTS, NERDS, Laffy Taffy, and more. They were sold in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Nestle developed another version of the packaging for the bar. The hat moved to the right part of the “W” and was colored blue. The type grew less elaborate, though it retained some of its “magic” (note both the “A’s” and the “R,” for instance). Also, the wordmark was now easier to read for the kids, who were the target audience. Both the words were now white.


Wonka Logo 2005
The redesign of 2005 brought a new style of packaging to a chocolate brand. Now it was a gradient red and burgundy background with a fancy custom lettering in white and caramel-brown on it. The elongated lines of the letters looked fancy due to their slightly curved and pointed tails, and evokes a very welcoming and friendly feeling, pointing at the same time to the higher quality of the chocolate, used by the brand.


Wonka Logo

The hat disappeared. Instead, there was the lettering “Golden Ticket” in red over the gold background.

The script on the Wonka logo featured on the chocolate bar grew a little lighter, while the shape of the glyphs still echoed the original wordmark. The violet background supported the “magic” theme.

The bars were discontinued in 2010 because their sales left much to be desired. The brand was eventually renamed Nestlé Candy Shop. The candies that were previously offered under the Willy Wonka brand were sold in the packages with only a small word “Wonka” in the top left corner, which eventually disappeared.