Taco Bell Logo

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Taco Bell LogoTaco Bell Logo PNG
The core visual element, the bell, has been an essential part of the Taco Bell logo throughout most of its history. However, the emblem, as well as the wordmark, has been modified more than once.

Meaning and historyTaco Bell logo history

The earliest Taco Bell logotype, which was adopted in 1962, had two independent parts: a wordmark and a sombrero/bell design. The name of the company was given in “dancing” letters placed inside rectangular shapes (green, red, orange, and yellow).
The festive, lively emblem was used until 1972, when a simple wordmark was adopted. Along with the change in the color palette and the shapes of the letters, the overall impression was changed, too. The logo did not look that naïve any more, but lost much of its uniqueness, either.
The 1984 redesign brought a new element – a bell. The colors it featured were warm and inviting, but not excessively bright. The new look was certainly more recognizable, yet it managed to preserve its ethnic identity. Interestingly enough, the color scheme somehow brought to mind the image of tacos: orange of the meat covered in cheese, yellow of the tortilla, red of the sauce.

The evolution of the symbol in the 1990s

symbol Taco Bell
The 1992 brought about a completely new logo. Although the core visual element – the bell – was preserved, its shape and colors were changed dramatically. Gone was the earthy, natural color scheme. Instead, the combination of orange and purple was adopted. The bell itself was angled.
The 1994 logo modification included even brighter colors: pink and blue. The bell, as well as the letters, grew wider, while the background grew even.

The 2016 emblem

emblem Taco Bell
Alongside opening a new flagship restaurant in Las Vegas, Taco Bell introduced a completely new logotype. The company explains its minimalistic look with the need for customization. The simple logo gives each restaurant a chance to experiment with patterns and textures.


Font Taco Bell Logo
The sans-serif, all-cap type looks clean and minimalistic.


Color Taco Bell Logo
The bell itself features a combination of two shades of purple, light and dark, while the wordmark is given in black.