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New York University, or NYU, is one of the most popular universities in the United States, which was established in 1831, and has its main campus located in Greenwich Village, New York.

Meaning and history

New York University is one of the top ten universities in the United States and is ranked 42nd in the world by QS World University Rankings 2022. It is America’s largest private research university. It has the largest number of international students in the country, about five thousand from all over the world. Each year New York University gets more than 50 thousand applications.

New York University was founded in 1831. What distinguished it from other universities was its democratic stance. The founders, among them former U.S. Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin, decided to make education accessible to people of all classes, especially the working class, and of all religious views.

From its early years, the university taught not only academic courses, but also courses that were new for their time: economic policy, modern languages, and others. The New York University principle of imparting relevant knowledge is still in effect today.

Today New York University offers 230 degrees in 14 colleges, schools, and institutes. Among the most popular fields of study are medicine, economics, law, and chemistry.

One of New York University’s oldest and most popular colleges is the College of Arts & Science. In 2020, three of the college’s majors ranked first in the QS World University Rankings: No. 1 in philosophy, No. 10 in mathematics, and No. 15 in English.

Another famous NYU college is the School of the Arts. Its graduates are Oscar and Emmy award winners and trendsetters in contemporary filmmaking. The school graduates artists, art critics, filmmakers, dancers, and light and theater designers.

What is New York University? 
New York University is one of the largest American educational organizations, which was established atthe beginning of the 1830s, and today is one of the top50 universities in the world.

1969 — Today

NYU Logo

The iconic New York University logo was created at the end of the 1960s by Tom Geismar, a famous American graphic designer, who worked also with Mobil, Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, and many others. The designer came up with the new logo pretty fast, as he was basing his idea on the traditional historical crest of NYU, with the torch taking the main position.

The NYU logo, designed by Tom Geismar features a sharp geometric image of a torch, vertically placed over a contrasting background and underlined by a solid sans-serif monogram. The purple and white color palette of the University makes it stand out on the list of competitors.

The Seal

The circular seal of the New York University is set in the same purple and white color palette; but with thin purple lines, drawn against a white background. The image depicts four runners, and a hand with a torch above them. The composition is enclosed into a laurel wreath, which is open in its top part.

Font and color

NYU Logo Color

The bold and clean sans-serif lettering from the primary badge of the New York University is set in a modern geometric typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Gill Sans Nova Bold, Conneqt Bold, and Organetto Bold. The stable letters feature clean contours and straight cuts of the lines, which evoke a sense of excellence and professionalism.

The color palette of the New York University logo is set in a combination of purple and white, which stands for creativity and progress. The purple color, just like the torch itself, symbolized wisdom and knowledge, brilliantly reflecting the purpose and values of the University.

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