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Purple Cow is a renowned ice cream company founded by entrepreneur Sarah Gilbert. Based in Burlington, Vermont, the company specializes in producing gourmet ice cream with unique flavors that stand out in the market. Purple Cow operates primarily in the northeastern United States, where it has captured a loyal customer base through its innovative approaches to traditional ice cream treats.

Meaning and history

Purple Cow was established in 1998 by Sarah Gilbert, who started the venture in her small kitchen in Vermont. Inspired by her childhood experiences on a dairy farm, Gilbert’s goal was to recreate the authentic, homemade flavors of her youth, infused with unexpected and bold ingredients. The company quickly rose to prominence after introducing its signature flavor, “Midnight Berry,” which combined blackberries, dark chocolate, and a hint of lavender, catching the attention of gourmet food enthusiasts.

Over the years, Purple Cow has achieved significant milestones, including expanding its distribution to major supermarkets across the Northeast and winning several national awards for innovation in flavor. The company has also been at the forefront of eco-friendly practices, adopting sustainable production methods that have set industry standards for environmental responsibility.

Today, Purple Cow holds a strong market presence, continuing to delight customers with its inventive flavors and quality ingredients. The company’s dedication to crafting superior ice cream while maintaining its commitment to sustainability has solidified its status as a leader in the gourmet ice cream industry.

What is Purple Cow?
It’s an innovative ice cream company known for its distinctive and bold flavors, such as the popular “Midnight Berry.” Their products blend traditional craftsmanship with creative culinary concepts, making each scoop a memorable experience.

1998 – Today

Purple Cow Logo

The logo for Purple Cow Ice Cream is a playful and inviting image that conveys the brand’s sense of fun and creativity. The focal point is the whimsical illustration of a cow with purple patches, defying the conventional cow imagery and making the brand instantly memorable. The cow’s friendly expression suggests a welcoming and family-friendly business.

“Since 1934” indicates a long-standing tradition, hinting at a company with deep roots and a history of quality. Vintage design elements, like the badge shape and the classic typeface of “PURPLE COW,” reinforce the heritage and nostalgia associated with ice cream brands.

The golden bell around the cow’s neck adds a touch of charm and implies the careful crafting of products, akin to the pastoral and idyllic imagery of cows in a field. The color purple, again, is unusual for a dairy brand and thus serves to set the Purple Cow apart from its competitors, suggesting uniqueness and originality. The overall effect is a logo that suggests tradition infused with a playful twist, aiming to create a connection with consumers of all ages who are looking for an enjoyable ice cream experience.