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PurpleBricks is an online real estate agency, founded by Michael Bruce and his brother Kenny. The company offers a flat-fee real estate service, providing customers with a cost-effective alternative to the traditional commission-based real estate agencies. Based in the United Kingdom, PurpleBricks has expanded its operations to several other countries, including Australia and the United States, leveraging technology to streamline the home buying and selling process.

Meaning and history

PurpleBricks Logo history

PurpleBricks was established in 2012 by Michael and Kenny Bruce, with the vision to transform the real estate industry by offering a fixed-fee model as opposed to the conventional commission-based structure. This innovative approach quickly set the company apart in the real estate market. Throughout its history, PurpleBricks has achieved significant milestones, including its public listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2015, which propelled its recognition and expansion into international markets. The company initially experienced rapid growth, particularly in the UK, where it became one of the most recognized brands in online real estate.

However, PurpleBricks faced various challenges as it attempted to replicate its success abroad. Despite these hurdles, the company has continued to adapt and refine its business model. As of today, PurpleBricks remains a prominent player in the UK real estate market, focusing on enhancing its technological offerings and improving customer service to maintain its competitive edge.

What is PurpleBricks?
PurpleBricks is an innovative online real estate agency that charges a flat fee rather than traditional commissions. It leverages technology to facilitate more efficient transactions, significantly lowering the cost of buying or selling a home.

2012 – 2018

PurpleBricks Logo 2012

The 2012 logo for PurpleBricks displays a strong, straightforward design. The company’s name is split into two segments, “PURPLE” and “BRICKS,” each enclosed within its own rectangle with rounded corners. The choice of a bold, sans-serif font asserts a modern and accessible identity. The all-caps typeface suggests a sense of authority and professionalism. Purple, often associated with wisdom and luxury, is applied here to imply a quality service in the real estate domain, which is the industry in which PurpleBricks operates. The twin rectangles symbolize the structure and stability of bricks, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to solid foundations, be it in home-building or customer relations.

2018 – 2023

PurpleBricks Logo 2018

In the 2018 logo, there’s a noticeable evolution in style. The brand name still splits between the two words, but now there’s an effect of depth and dimension added, giving the impression of the name carved out of blocks or bricks. This dimensional design suggests innovation and a multi-faceted approach to business. The use of varying shades of purple adds a dynamic and contemporary feel, possibly reflecting the brand’s growth and forward-thinking attitude.

2023 – Today

PurpleBricks Logo

The most recent PurpleBricks logo simplifies the previous designs even further. It presents the brand name in a vibrant purple hue on a white background, emphasizing clarity and directness. The uniformity of color and lack of graphical elements focus entirely on the brand name, transparency, and straightforwardness in their business dealings. The simple, bold, sans-serif font communicates a modern, no-nonsense approach that may resonate with a contemporary audience looking for direct and efficient real estate services.