Viber Logo

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Viber Logo

Viber is the name of the messenger, created in 2010 for mobile devices. Today the software is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and has its versions for Windows and Linux. The messenger has more than one billion users across the globe.

Meaning and history

Viber Logo history

Being one of the most popular messengers across the globe, Viber boasts a bright and instantly recognizable visual identity.

The Viber logo consists of a wordmark with a famous icon on its left. The purple color palette has been with the brand since the beginning of its history and is a reflection of creativity and imagination.

Until 2017 the messenger’s logo featured only “Viber” lettering in white places near the app’s unchangeable handset icon, and a tagline “Connect. Freely.”.

Viber Logo

In 2017 the messenger was acquired by Rakuten and the visual identity was changed according to the corporate style — the black “Rakuten” lettering was added to the logo and for one year the icon was just a simple white letter “R” in a purple circle.

After the redesign of 2018, Viber brought back its iconic emblem, but the “Rakuten” lettering remains. Now both words of the nameplate feature the same purple color, but different typefaces — a strict and sharp for “Rakuten” with the triangular underline and a welcoming rounded sans-serif for “Viber”.