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BenQ is a Taiwanese brand of computer and electronic device manufacturer, which was founded in 2001 by Acer. Today the company is one of the world’s leaders in production of digital projectors and monitors.

Meaning and history

Benq Logo history
BenQ is one of the famous Asian brands of consumer electronics, which has expanded into a huge company in literally no time. Today the products of the brand are available in more than 100 countries all over the globe, being very competitive on the market due to their high quality and affordable pricing.

The name of the company, BenQ, is an abbreviation for “Bringing Enjoyment N Quality”, and the capitalized “Q” says a lot bout the policy of the company. The Taiwanese brand aims to provide its customers with the best innovative solutions in all the fields they work — from consumer electronics to computers and accessories — for minimum money.

What is BenQ?
BenQ is the name of a consumer electronic brand, which was established in Taiwan in 1984, and by today has grown into a multinational corporation, operating worldwide, and providing its customers with various consumer electronic products, and computer devices.

2001 – Today

BenQ Logo 2001

The logo, designed for BenQ in 2001, is composed of a mixed-case logotype, with the first and the last letters capitalized, and the two in the middle set in the lowercase. Although, all letters are written in one size and one font — a modern sans-serif with thick lines the letters. The logotype is set in a smooth shade of purple, which evokes a sense of quality and creativity.

2012 – Today

BenQ logo

The BenQ logo is colorful and memorable. It is friendly, modern and fresh and is a great example of using bright colors in the visual identity design.

The logo is composed of a wordmark, placed on a bean-shaped background. The lettering in all-caps looks distinct and stylish, dues to the white color of the font and intense purple of the background.

Loog BenQ

BenQ used a bold custom typeface for its nameplate, which makes the logo strong and remarkable with its clear co disentangle lines.

The unique color scheme of the logo shows the brand as imaginative and creative. Purple evoke a sense of luxury and magic, while white adds purity and professionalism to the brand’s characteristics.

The unusual shape of the BenQ logo adds vitality and fluency to the logo, makes it stand out and evokes the brand’s value of design and beauty.

Font and Color

The mixed-type lettering of the BenQ official logo is set in a bold and stable sans-serif typeface, with the first and last letters of the brand’s name capitalized, and the two in the middle executed in the lowercase. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Chantilly Serial Bold or Humanist 521 Std Bold but with slight modifications.

 As for the color palette of the BenQ visual identity, it is set in a bright and unusual combination of gradient purple and white, which looks fresh and evokes a sense of creativity, uniqueness, and mystery. Purple is the commonly known symbol of imagination and wisdom, and in contrast with white, it looks brighter and stronger.

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