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Since 2003, when Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. was founded, the logo of the low-cost airline has gone through only one comparatively subtle update.

Meaning and history

Wizzair logo history
Wizz Air was launched in 2003. It was founded by six people who had previously been involved in air transportation and had extensive experience in this field. The director of the company was Joseph Varadi.
Wizz Air launched its first flight in 2004 from Katowice. Today the company has fifteen branches in various European cities, including Prague.
The main distinction of the carrier is its innovative approach to service and affordable prices. Wizz Air customers do not need to use auxiliary airlines and purchase particular tickets. All cabins are equipped equally: passengers may sit in any seat they prefer. Drinks and food can be purchased on board Wizz Air flights.
The airline uses the latest high-class Airbus A320 aircraft with 180 leather seats. The company’s network is constantly looking to expand in Eastern and Central Europe. To date, the company operates more than 220 flights to European cities.

What is Wizz Air?
Wizz Air is the name Wizz Air of a Hungarian low cost airline founded in 2003. It mainly flies in Central Europe. The entire Wizz Air fleet is equipped with economy class seats. For an additional fee passengers can choose a seat in the cabin, purchase a superior seat, food and beverages and use other services.


Wizz Air Logo 2003
The original Wizzair logo featured the stylized name of the airline, “W!ZZ,” in purple and magenta pink. The name of the website was positioned below. The letters had a playful style due to the fact that they varied in size and overlapped.


Wizz Air logo
The name of the website was removed from the Wizz Air logo. The body of the glyphs grew white. The outline still combined the colors from the previous design.
As of 2019, the official website features blue letters with a white outline over the blue background.

Font and Color

The bright stylized lettering from the primary badge of Wizz Air is set in a custom contoured typeface with massive letters glued to each other. The massive lowercase inscription has its contours repeating modern geometric sans-serif fonts, such as, for example, Newborn Bold Italic.

As for the color palette of the Wizz Air visual identity, it is based on gradients of pink and purple, two bright colors, evoking a sense of joy, creativity and energy. This color scheme makes the air carrier stand out in the list donuts serious competitors.