Most Famous Logos With an Eagle

Most Famous Logos With an Eagle

The eagle is one of the most common birds depicted on the logos of various brands and companies. And it is quite understandable why, since ancient times, the eagle has rightfully occupied the place of honor of the lord of the bird world and was considered a royal animal. The eagle is the lord of the air, one of the most common, unambiguous, and universal symbols, embodying the power, speed, and other attributes of the animal world in all its majesty. King of birds. Associated with greatness, power, dominance, courage, inspiration, and spiritual uplift.

On the logo, the eagle symbolizes strength, confidence, and aspiration, describing the company as reliable and professional.

Today we take a closer look at the most famous logos with the image of an eagle and see how different this strong graceful bird can be. All brands are arranged in alphabetical order.

American Airlines

Logo American Airlines

The eagle from the logo of American Airlines is abstract and sleek, executed geometrically, with a color palette, resembling the National flag of the United States. It looks like a wing of a plane, with a diagonally oriented body, where the top part is set in blue, and the bottom — in red. The emblem is accompanied by two-leveled lettering in a calm shade of blue, and an “A Comcast Company” tagline in black sans-serif capitals.

American Eagle

Logo American Eagle

American Eagle is the name of a casual fashion brand, which also uses an Eagle for its logo. This bird is a symbol of the USA, so everything with the “American” in its name is more likely to have a depiction of this bird in the logo. Here both the emblem and the lettering are set in a plain navy shade of blue, with a silhouette of a flying Eagle set above the two-lines inscription in the uppercase of an elegant serif typeface.


Logo Anheuser-Busch

The famous international company Anheuser-Busch has been using the same logo for decades, only slightly refining it lately, but keeping the original theme and style. The badge has always been based on an enlarged letter “A” with ornate serifs, and an Eagle flying under its horizontal bar, to the right, with its wings spread wide. The letter is decorated by a five-pointed star, placed above it, and elegant cursive lettering with the name of the company.


Logo Barclays

Barclays is one of the most reputable banking institutions in the world, and its visual identity is perfectly thought-out and balanced. The logo is composed of a graphical emblem, with a silhouette of an Eagle in a shape of a shield, placed above the bold smooth logotype in the uppercase of a slightly slanted sophisticated font. Both elements of the badge are set in the light shade of blue, with the Eagle executed in gradients.


Logo Benfica

The visual identity of the Portuguese football club, Benfica, and s also based on the image of an Eagle, which is drawn in gold above the traditional crest, placed on a background with a gray and white stylized football. The shade of the Eagle and its widespread wings strengthen the bottom part of the badge, adding confidence and excellence to the laconic elements, and creating a colorful accent, balancing the yellow ball on the shield.


Logo CIA

The emblem of the American Central Intelligence Agency also features an image of an Eagle in it. The solid blue roundel boasts a gradient silver shield in its middle, with the head of an Eagle in the same palette, placed above it. The red star on the shield is balanced by the red “United States of America” inscription, written along the yellow ribbon arched at the bottom of the roundel. The white “Central Intelligence Agency” is arched above the Eagle in the uppercase of a sans-serif typeface.

Colorado Eagles

Logo Colorado Eagles

A professional hockey club from Loveland, Colorado, has its bright logo fully based on the image it an eagle’s head, drawn in white, with a thin black outline, yellow beak, and a stylized flag in blue, yellow, and red with the stripes softened and resembling horizontally-oriented feathers. The image is accompanied by two-leveled lettering in a bold serif typeface with the first and last letters in the “Eagle” enlarged.

Crystal Palace

Logo Crystal Palace

Another sports club on our today’s list is Crystal Palace, a professional football team from Great Britain. Its elegant and professionally executed emblem uses a clean yet confident blue, gray, and white color palette with delicate red accents. The largest element on the badge is a blue and white Eagle, which is drawn at the top part of the logo, right above the red football. The composition is complemented by a light-gray drawing of a  bridge, and a solid blue ribbon with white uppercase lettering on it.


Logo Eagle

Eagle was the name of one of the Chrysler car marques, which was established in 1988 and closed eleven years after. The brand, named after a bird, used its image as the only graphical element of the badge, executed in a black-and-white color palette. The stylized contour of a bird’s profile was drawn in thick white lines against a solid black background of a smooth triangular crest, which was horizontally extended and supported by custom modern lettering, set along the upper border.


Logo FPV

FPV, which stands for the “First-Person View” is a brand of flying drones manufacturer. The company also has its logo set in a black-and-white color palette, with a minimalistic and sleek image of an eagle’s head inscribed into a small black element on a horizontally stretched white oval in a thick black outline. The image is accompanied by futuristic italicized lettering in bold black lines and looks powerful and progressive.

Giorgio Armani

Logo Giorgio Armani

One of the most iconic logos with an Eagle is, undoubtedly, the badge of the Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani. The stylized image of a bird is drawn geometrically, with the black-and-white horizontal stripes, and an elegant white “GA” monogram written in thin serif capitals along its bottom part. The emblem is set above the uppercase logotype in black, executed in a fancy serif typeface with sophisticated contours of the letters.

Gulf Air

Logo Gulf Air

Gulf Air is the name of an air carrier from Bahrain. The company, founded at the beginning of the 1950s, is fully state-owned and is considered to be the largest airline in its country. Gulf Air’s visual identity is executed in the dark blue and gold color palette, which looks very expensive, evoking a sense of nobility, royalty, and excellence. The badge is composed of a graphical emblem, depicting a gold flying Eagle, placed on the left from two-leveled lettering, with the bold blue “Gulf Air” in the uppercase of a modern sans-serif typeface, and delicate golden lettering in Arabic, written above it.


Logo Hogwarts

The Hogwarts crest is a representation of the four main houses, with its shield divided into four parts, where each part depicts a symbol of each house: Eagle for the Ravenclaw, Lion for the Gryffindor, Snake for the Slytherin, and Badger for the Hufflepuff. The Eagle is drawn in yellow and black on a solid blue background, in the bottom right part of the logo. Apart from the animals; each of the houses also stands for one of the major elements: air, fire, water, and earth.



The governmental social security organization of Mexico, IMSS, has a sleek abstract badge with an Eagle on it, drawn in a green and white color palette, with a soft square emblem placed above the bold narrowed lettering in an elegant sans-serif typeface. The emblem depicts a stylized white contour and an Eagle inscribed into a solid green square with rounded angles. Between the white wings of the bird, you can see a silhouette of a baby, who feels safe and secure, protected by the eagle.


Logo Lazio

The visual identity of the professional football club from Rome, Lazio, is bright and vivid, set in a light sky-blue, white and gold color palette, with the traditional elements and delicate lettering. The logo is composed of a vertically-striped crest in blue and white, with a golden eagle drawn above it with its wings spread wide to the sides. The name of the club is written in italicized capitals in dark blue along the top part of the crest, using a traditional serif typeface.

Moto Guzzi

Logo Moto Guzzi

The logo of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer has a super elegant and powerful omega of an eagle in its logo. The bird, drawn in a light shade of gold, is flying above the lettering, to the right, with the wings spread to the sides in a perfect horizontal line. The eagle is executed with lots of details, despite the minimalistic color palette, and is brilliantly accompanied by the bold modern sans-serif logotype, which grounds it, and adds stability and progressiveness, showing the two sides of the company.


Logo Nationwide

Nationwide is the name of a Building Society from Great Britain, which was using an image of an eagle as a part of its visual identity for several years. It was a blue and white emblem, with the solid capital “N” on the background, overlapped by a white contoured image of an eagle, fleeing to the right, with the wings spread up. The emblem was accompanied by a dark title case lettering in a modest and laconic sans-serif typeface.

New York

Logo New York

The official Seal of the New York State is drawn in a traditional heraldic manner, with an intense color palette and lots of interesting elements. One of the elements on the crest, known as Liberty and Justice, is an eagle. The bird sits on the globe, placed on top of a shield, held by two women, the winds of the bird are spread up and to the sides, and its head is turned slightly to the left. The eagle here is a symbol of a good omen.


Logo Ramones

The visual identity of the famous punk-rock band, Ramones, resembles the great seal of the President of the United States, with an eagle drawn in the center of a rounded medallion, enclosed into a wide frame. The eagle holds an olive brand and a bat and is decorated by eleven vertically-oriented arrows, placed above its head. The names of the band manners are written in all capitals of a classy serif font around the perimeter of the badge.


Logo Salewa

Salewa is a brand of touristic and outdoor activities clothing and accessories, which also uses an eagle as the main element of the badge. The horse on the Salewa logo is drawn in an abstract geometric way, formed by two solid black lines with sharp edges. The left line is slightly bent on its right part, which makes the bird look like it is flying to the right. The emblem is placed above futuristic black lettering in a custom font.


Logo Smirnoff

The visual identity of the vodka brand Smirnoff is based on one of the most famous Russian heraldic symbols, a two-headed eagle. The initial versions of the logo were very elegant and detailed, but after the last redesign, the eagle has turned into a modern silver element, composed of two mirrored parts, and overlapped by a glossy red ribbon with a white uppercase lettering written along it. The sharp clean contours of the bird add a sense of power and excellence to the badge.

The Independent

Logo The Independent

The logo of one of the most reputable newspapers in the world, The Independent, has been based on the image of a flying eagle with a newspaper for decades. The white bird is drawn over a solid red circle, and flies to the right, with the wings spread up. Here the eagle is a symbol of freedom and confidence, it shows the expertise and reliability of the newspaper, and depicts it as a professional and reputable source of information.

TicketCity Bowl

Logo TicketCity Bowl

The eagle from the logo of the TicketCity Bowl looks cartoonish and fun, even though it was drawn with its beak opened, which was supposed to add a sense of aggressiveness and danger. The bright badge is set in a white, blue, and yellow color palette, with the head of the bird decorated by sharp yellow rays, and a night city landscape in the background. The bird is overlapped by an arched banner with the lettering and holds a brown rugby ball in its paw.

U.S. Air Force

Logo U.S. Air Force

The visual identity of the U. S. Air Force is set in a blue and white color palette and features a stylized geometric emblem with an eagle, placed above the uppercase lettering in bold and modern sans-serif typeface. The eagle is drawn in thick straight lines with a white five-pointed star placed in the center, and a solid blue dot in its middle. The wings of the bird resemble two folded ribbons with clean contours and straight angles.



USAA is an abbreviation that stands for the United Services Automobile Association, an American financial company, which also has a stylized eagle in its logo. The badge, set in dark blue and white, features a minimalistic stylized bird image placed above the bold and clean lettering. The eagle has its body resembling the letter “A”, with two wings, formed by four thick stripes, and a head turned to the right, with a boldly pointed beak.



USMC, or the United States Marine Corps, uses a bright and intense logo, with the solid red circle enclosed into a thick black frame with a golden rope-like outline and white lettering written around its perimeter. The central part of the logo features a white globe, with a golden eagle standing on it, an enlarged golden anchor, placed behind the globe horizontally, and two yellow continents. In the eagle’s beak, there is a waving white ribbon with the motto of the Marine Corps, “Semper Fidelis”.



The United States Postal Service, or USPS, has its logo dynamic and progressive, executed in a blue and white color palette, with a thin red horizontal line separating two levels of the lettering, placed under the emblem. As for the USPS emblem, it features a slanted solid blue square with a stylized minimalistic contour of an eagle’s head drawn on it in thick white lines. The inscription is also written in blue, with the italicized uppercase letters executed in a traditional and simple sans-serif typeface.


Logo Vauxhall

The British automaker Vauxhall has an eagle on its logo looking like a mythological creature, because of the contours of the head, with three wide stripes, which resemble a wild animal. The solid red bird is drawn against a white background and enclosed into a thick red circular frame; with a small red banner in the top left part of the roundel, with the white enlarged letter “V” written on it and slightly slanted to the right.

Wilson Combat

Logo Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat is the name of an American company, engaged in the production of pistols and guns. The company has its visual identity powerful and sharp; executed in a black-and-white color palette, and composed of a graphical element, placed under the two-leveled inscription. The Wilson combat emblem is a stylized letter “C” with its upper part drawn as an eagle’s head with the wings spread to the sides. The head of the bird is set in white, with a thin black outline; while the stylized wings are set in solid black.


Logo Winston

Winston is a famous brand of cigarettes, which has its logo composed of a graphical part and a logotype, set in solid blue or red (depending on the flavor of the cigarettes) against a white background. The emblem of the brand depicts an eagle flying to the right, drawn in an abstract minimalistic way with solid blue wings, body and tail, and a white head. The elegant narrowed serif lettering in the title case balanced the modern look of the emblem, adding professionalism and quality to the image.


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