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Crystal Palace Logo

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While the origins of the Crystal Palace Football Club can be traced to 1985, it was officially founded in 1905 at the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition building in Selhurst, London.

Meaning and history

Crystal Palace Logo history

The first time the team used a logo on the kits was in the late 1940s. Before that, clubs weren’t officially required to have a logo. The original Crystal Palace FC logo depicted a shield divided into two fields by a black stripe. The colors of the fields – claret and blue – were borrowed from the team’s uniforms. On the background, there was the Crystal Palace.

The earliest logo appeared pretty simplistic in comparison with the following one, which was adopted in 1955. While it was also based on a depiction of the Crystal Palace, this time it was given with a lot of fine details.

Although this emblem had an elaborate and noble style, it probably didn’t look like a sports logo, so eventually, in 1972, a minimalistic badge featuring the letters “CP” inside a bold red circle frame was adopted.

The crest survived one season only. Malcolm Allison, who became the club’s manager in 1973, introduced an utterly new Crystal Palace logo. Here, an eagle with a football in his claws was depicted above the Crystal Palace.


Crystal Palace symbol

While the following badge preserved the structure of its forerunner, the eagle now had a more aggressive, eagle-like look, as the club’s chairman Ron Noades supposed that the bird from the old logo could have been easily mistaken for a phoenix.


Crystal Palace emblem

In advance of the 2013/14 playing season, the Crystal Palace new logo was introduced, which actually looks more like the 1973 badge than the 1993 one. It’s far from being an exact replica, though.


crystal palace new logo

The dark shade of blue is paired with a noble, saturated shade of red, while grey and white are used as secondary colors.