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The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is an intelligence service of the United States, which was formed in 1947. It is owned by the United States federal Government.

CIA Logo history


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The CIA logo is highly iconic and recognizable. It comprises several items, which carry a huge symbolic meaning. These include the compass rose, the eagle, and the shield. The compass rose has spokes radiating in sixteen directions. The eagle is the country’s national symbol. These elements are placed in the middle of a blue circle. The agency’s name over the top and the name of the country at the bottom encircle the emblem.


cia symbol

Each of the CIA logo elements bears its own meaning, and they make up the emblem’s general idea. The compass rose features spokes that radiate in sixteen directions to portray the intake of data from around the globe. The eagle is the national symbol of the United States. The shield symbolizes the agency’s primary goal that is to protect the country from enemies. The general idea is to portray CIA as an unshakable stronghold of the nation’s greatness and sovereignty.