Wilson Combat Logo

Wilson Combat Logo

Wilson Combat is an American company, specialized in manufacturing and distributing of the firearms. The company was established in 1977. Today the pistols under the label Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies are sold all over the USA.

Meaning and history

The Wilson Combat visual identity is strong and solid. Composed of a wordmark with a remarkable emblem, the brand’s logo looks confident and masculine.

The Wilson Combat nameplate in all the capitals is executed in a traditional bold sans-serif typeface with neat lines and diagonal cut of the “C” edges.

The company’s emblem depicts a letter “C” with the eagle’s head and two wings above it. The bird, also known as the king of the skies, symbolizes freedom and courage.

Wilson Combat Logo

The eagle’s head is pretty detailed and features two colors — black and gray, while the wings, pointing up, are more abstract and look like a continuation of the letter “C”, drawn in black.

The black and gray color palette of the Wilson Combat logo is a reflection of a powerful and reputable company, with strong values and confidence in everything it does.

Sometimes the brand uses a blue and white color palette for its visual identity, which looks more friendly and evokes a sense of safety and reliability, showing a responsible and loyal brand.

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