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Ramones is a legendary American music band, which was created in 1974 and became iconic in the punk rock music genre. It is considered to be one of the most influential music-band of all times.

Meaning and history

Ramones Logo

All the members of the legendary band changed their last names to Ramone, so that they sounded like one family, however none of them were biologically related.

The Ramones logo is considered to be one of the strongest visual identity works in music history. It is composed of a round emblem with a heraldic eagle in the center and the names of the member around its perimeter, and the wordmark above the emblem.

The famous logo was designed by Arthuro Vega, who was the band’s creative director.

The eagle on the Ramones emblem is the US presidential seal and it represents the band as an all-American. The eagle holds a baseball bat, which symbolizes one of the musician’s passion for baseball.

Ramones emblem

In the other talon, the eagle holds an apple-tree branch, which is the graphical representation of Arthuro Vega’s words “Ramones are like an American Apple Pie”.

Ramones logo

It is a very strong visual identity, with a lot of meanings in it and the timeless iconic design.