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The Colorado-based ice hockey team the Colorado Eagles have been in the professional arena since 2003. They settled down in Loveland and played first in the CHL, then since 2011 they have been a member of the ECHL.

Meaning and history

When it came to choosing the name for the franchise on the eve of their first 2003-2004 season, someone inspired by the country’s living national symbol decided that it should be “Eagles”. First of all, Colorado is known as a habitat of the bald eagle. So, the choice of the name seemed quite logical. Besides, eagles are strong, brave and fast birds, just like any hockey player should be.

No wonder for the whole franchise’s history their logo has been an eagle, or rather a stern looking disembodied head of an eagle facing to the left. Judging by the white color of the head, it’s a bald eagle. It looks as if it is staring at the opponent. Its beak is yellow.

eagles hockey colorado logo

To the right of the eagle’s head there are three stripes in red, yellow and navy blue colors. They make up something like the letter “E” which can be seen as a three-colored flag or even wings.

The wordmark “Colorado Eagles” underneath is in white color with a yellow outline placed against a black background.