Vauxhall Logo

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Vauxhall Logo
Vauxhall Motors has been building cars since 1903 but its origin goes back to 1857 when an engineering company (later the Vauxhall Iron Works) was established in the district of London called Vauxhall. Now the company is affiliated with Adam Opel AG and they are both owned by General Motors (GM), the US. Vauxhall is the second-largest-selling car brand in the country.

Meaning and history

Vauxhall Logo history

The Vauxhall logo history started as soon as the company was founded. The original logo featured a griffin holding a flag with the letter “V”. The story behind the logo meaning is the following. In the 13th century the griffin, a mythical creature, was on the coat of arms of Sir Falkes de Breauté whose mansion Fulk’s Hall in time became known as Vauxhall. The griffin was believed to be a majestic and powerful creature, a guardian of treasures.
The image was a nod the local heritage, and the proprietors who owned the company at different times didn’t want to break the tradition.
old vauxhall logo
So, the griffin has always been present in the logo, though the logo itself has been changed lots of times, transforming from square to round.

Old Symbol

Vauxhall Symbol
The first logos were square and they depicted the full body of the creature. The logo that had been in use before 1983 was black and white. The griffin is holding the V-flag, and its head is turned in the opposite direction.
The Vauxhall car logo introduced in 1983 was also square but the colour palette changed. Now it was red and white ‒ the white griffin and the white flag against the red background with a white outline. There was a wordmark underneath ‒ “Vauxhall” in the uppercase serif typeface.

The 1989-2002 Logos

Vauxhall Emblem
The first round logo appeared in 1989. Evidently, it became circular to fit into the same space as the Opel logo. The same image as in the previous logos was put inside a circle. It was red and white.
The version modified in 2002 featured an altered colour scheme ‒ the griffin changed its colour from white to grey (metallic).

New Emblem

new vauxhall logo
The logo which is currently in use was released in 2008 with the aim of improving perception of the brand. The look of the new emblem combines both tribute to more than 100-year-old manufacturing heritage and the company’s fresh design philosophy. The focus is put on the creature’s head, wing and the V-flag. On the whole, the modern symbol is much simpler in design.