American Airlines Logo

american airlines logo
American Airliners, Inc. was founded in 1930, and then it was branded American Airways. Headquartered in Fort Wort, Texas, it has more than 600 airplanes and flies to about 50 countries.

Logo history

American Airlines Logo history

The company’s first logo, designed by Goodrich Murphy, was introduced in 1934. It featured a white eagle on a blue background between two As flying over Earth, and there was a red strip crossing the background from top-right toward bottom-left. The whole image was confined in a red circle. In 1945, the red circle disappeared, and all that was left were the As and the eagle between them. The logo was all blue. In 1962 the blue logo was confined in a red circle and placed on a white background. In 1967, Massimo Vignelli, an Italian graphic designer, introduced the winged AA logo, which was used until 2013.


american airlines symbol

The company’s current logo depicts an eagle’s head; one of its wings is red, and the other one is blue. The logo reflects freedom and striving for success.

Shape and colors

colors american airlines logo
After numerous transformations, the company chose a simple logo design. The white head of an eagle hints at the national symbol. The red color reflects energy and passion; blue stands for excellence, a sense of duty, and trustworthiness.