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Eagle is an American brand of one of the largest automobile companies, Chrysler, which was established in the 1980s and discontinued at the end of the 1990s.

Meaning and history

The Eagle brand’s history was not long, but its logo design was remarkable and contemporary.

The Eagle logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark on its top. The emblem features a shield-like shape with a bold outline and a graphical image of the eagle’s head in profile, turned to the right.

The typeface of the wordmark, which is placed on the thickest part of the emblem’s framing, is unique. The first and last letters “E” are smaller and wider than other letters of the nameplate, it makes the lettering look alive and moving, creating a playful and friendly feeling.

Eagle Logo

The typeface featured bold lines and rounded shapes, while some of the angles are pointed.

When used in print materials and websites, the logo uses a simplified font, where all the letters are equal in size and the spacing is balanced.

The color palette of the Eagle visual identity also varies depending on the placement. When putting on the cars, the brand uses silver and black or gold and black color combinations, which add luxury and finesse to the emblem.

The printed version of the Eagle logo is usually executed in a monochrome palette, that is minimalist and strong, showing the brand as trustworthy and loyal.