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The most known USMC logo is called the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Also, the Marine Corps have the Insignia and the official seal.

Meaning and History logo


The history of the emblem started in 1775. The original emblem was built around a fouled anchor. Although more than 200 years has passed since then, the USMC symbols were modified less than 10 times. Surprisingly enough, only one of these modifications took place in the previous century (1954).

What does the symbol mean?

USMC symbol
The Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem, which is nicknamed EGA, has a deep symbolic meaning. The Eagle, the symbol of the US, emphasizes that the organization serves its native country. The globe, on which the Americas can be seen, conveys the idea of the USMC’s interest in international affairs. The oldest of the symbols in the EGA emblem, the anchor, is there to represent the connection with the U.S. Navy.

Marine Corps Seal emblem

USMC emblem
The Seal sports the EGA emblem against the red background. Around it, there is the name of the organization, given in gold letters. The Seal is encircled by a yellow rope.


marine logo
The Seal contains the text in a traditional serif uppercase typeface.


Color USMC Logo
Besides the two official colors (scarlet red and gold), the Seal contains dark blue and white.