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Winston is a cigarette label from the USA which was established in 1954 by R.J. Reynolds and today is a part of the Imperial Tobacco company. Named after the city in North Carolina, the brand became famous and one of the best-selling cigarette labels worldwide.

Meaning and history

Winston’s visual identity is simple yet strong and confident. It is composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it.

The Winston wordmark is executed in a sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and a diagonal cut of the upper part of the “W”. The lettering looks modern and minimalist, yet evokes a sense of quality and stability.

Winston Logo

The Winston emblem is a flying eagle with his wings, body, and tail colored and the head only contoured. It is a symbol of free spirit and movement. One of the most powerful animal mascots.

All the previous versions of the Winston logo were the same, the only difference was in the typeface — before the last brand’s redesign, all the inscriptions were executed in a traditional serif font, which was slightly condensed.

As for the color palette, the brand’s signature combination is blue and white, but it varies from pack to pack, depending on the intensity of the cigarettes.

The Winston logo is laconic yet instantly recognizable. It is a timeless visual identity design, which requires only small modifications throughout the time, but always stays trendy and actual.