Most Famous Logos With a Mountain

Most Famous Logos With a Mountain

The mountain is a majestic natural symbol of eternity, superiority, constancy, purity, harmony, aspiration, and spiritual ascent. The peak of the mountain is like the main goal, having reached it one realizes that one’s dream has come true.

The mountain is a symbol of confidence, stability, permanence, and inviolability. That is why many companies choose this symbol as one of the elements of their logo design. After all, the image of the mountain adds stability and strength to the brand image.

In our article today, we will look at the most popular logos with the image of mountains in one form or another, and make sure that they convey exactly these meanings and emotions. All brands are arranged in alphabetical order.


Logo AIA

The emblem on the visual identity of AIA, one of the largest international companies engaged in insurance and financial consulting, depicts Mount Everest, which is the highest and, probably, the most famous, mountain in the world. On the red and white logo of the company, it stands for peace and hope, looking powerful and confident.

Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference

Logo Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference

As it is clear from the name of this sports organization, its logo depicts a stylized image of the Allegheny Mountains, a mountain range in West Virginia, United States. The image is executed in a light and calm shade of green and white, and placed on the top part of a circular solid blue medallion, above a bold heavy “AMCC” lettering in a fancy sans-serif typeface.

Appalachian League

Logo Appalachian League

Just like with the previous organization, the Appalachian League uses an image of the Appalachian Mountains, located in the eastern part of North America, as the main element of the badge. It is drawn in two shades of green on a solid yellow background in the center of the circular badge with a wide black and green framing, where the white uppercase lettering is written in a geometric sans-serif around its perimeter.


Logo Aquafina

The abstract mountain image on the logo of the water brand Aquafina is a graphical representation of purity and quality. Drawn in silver-gray gradients, the mountain with smooth peaks is accompanied by a bright red sun and clean blue lettering in a medium-weight sans-serif typeface. The whole badge looks balanced and cold.

Asheville Tourists

Logo Asheville Tourists

Asheville Tourists is the name of a professional baseball club from North Carolina, United States. The visual identity of the team looks very stylish and memorable, executed in a dark-blue, white, and light-green color palette. The dark silhouette of the mountains on a night sky background is accompanied by stars and comets, drawn around a massive moon. The logo looks very cool and intense.

Big Sky Conference

Logo Big Sky Conference

One of the largest American collegiate athletic associations, the Big Sky Conference, has its logo fresh and cool, executed in a blue and white color palette, with a sharp abstract image of the mountains, stretched along the bottom line of the badge. The image is set in sky-blue and white, overlapping a dark background of the banner with bold sans-serif lettering on its


Logo Brumbies

Brumbies is the name of an Australian rugby club from Canberra, and its logo is a graphical representation of the region’s most significant symbols — the feral horses and the mountains. The badge of the club is executed in white, gray, blue, and yellow, looking professional and solid, with the light-gray mountains lightening up the logo and adding air to the composition.

Colorado Rapids

Logo Colorado Rapids

A professional soccer club from Colorado, Colorado Rapids, also celebrates the most significant landscape features of its state, the mountains. Colorado, the state with the most beautiful nature, is known for its snowy peaks and forests, and the soccer club adopted sharp geometric shapes for its badge. The gray and blue mountain in a white outline is drawn against a burgundy crest, with an overlapping image of a soccer ball in the same color palette.

Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Logo Colorado Springs Sky Sox

The visual identity of the baseball club from Colorado also has its motherland’s famous mountains as a part of its visual identity. The blue and black mountains of the logo of the Colorado Springs Red Sox club are drawn above the two-leveled lettering, which its two stylized eyes, covered by two clouds, resemble eye-brows. The badge looks very strong and playful at the same time.

Coors Light

Logo Coors Light

The mountain emblem from the Coors beer visual identity is set in a minimalistic geometric manner, in a light shade of gray, and placed on the left part of the badge. The image is overlapped by the cursive part of the brand’s logotype, drawn in dark red, and followed by a string geometric uppercase “Light” in a modern sans-serif, with sharp bars.


Logo Evian

The abstract sleek mountains on the Evian badge also stand for purity and nature, showing the water of the brand as a clean and high-quality one. The mountains here are set in solid dark gray, against a transparent background above the lowercase red lettering in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface. The simplicity of the color palette and clean lines of all elements make the badge look professional and expensive.

Idaho Falls Chukars

Logo Idaho Falls Chukars

Idaho Falls Chukars, a professional baseball club from the city, situated within the Rocky Mountains, has its motherland’s landscape image as one of the main elements on the badge. It is drawn in light gray and white, above a stylized script logotype in dark blue and white, with the profile of a bird, placed in the negative space of the first capital letter.

Johnson City Cardinals

Logo Johnson City Cardinals

Johnson City is located in a valley of Appalachian mountains, so the mountain peaks on the logo of the baseball club, established here, are more than easily explained. The image with triangular peaks is set in two calm and intense shades of blue and placed above stylized arched lettering in a white and red color palette. The caricature of a red bird with a baseball bat complements the badge, adding energy and playfulness to the composition.

Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers

Logo Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers

Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers is the name of a collegiate athletic program from the amount St. Mary’s University, located in Maryland, United States. As it comes from the name of the program, there just has to be a mountain on its badge. At least one. It is set in dark gold, blue and white at the top of the badge, with clean sides and sharp peaks, balancing the arched banner with the bold white inscription.

National Park Service

Logo National Park Service

The mountains on the badge of the National Park Service are beautifully inscribed into a terracotta-orange background of the crest with uneven borders. The smooth brown image with white snowy peaks perfectly supports the natural landscape, shown on the badge, with the white three-leveled lettering set above the white peaks.

Northwest Conference

Logo Northwest Conference

Although the graphical part of the logo of the Northwest Conference is set in a pretty abstract manner, the mountain here is clearly visible. Drawn in a bold black line, its contours are accompanied by a stylized green tree on the left, and a bright-blue lake at the bottom. The whole composition is underlined by a massive black “NWC” abbreviation and the full name of the conference in small capitals.

Northwest League

Logo Northwest League

One of the American professional baseball organizations, the Northwest League, also boasts a mountain landscape image on its badge. It is drawn in light-gray and white on a bright delightful badge, set in a blue and green color palette, with a wide white circular frame. The dark blue lettering on the top part of the frame, and the dark green inscription at the bottom add distinction and confidence to the composition.

Outback Bowl

Logo Outback Bowl

Outback Bowl was the previous name of the ReliaQuest Bowl, an annual college football game, which takes place in Florida, USA. The badge of the game was set in a red and yellow color palette, with the smooth mountain range image placed above the two-leveled inscription, with a wooden boomerang at the very top. The logo looked bright and intense, with a light nostalgic feeling to it.

Pacific West Conference

Logo Pacific West Conference

The mountains on the logo of the Pacific a west Conference are drawn in thick white lines over a plain solid blue background of a circular badge. The abstract image looks cool and modern and is perfectly balanced by bold sans-serif lettering in a custom sans-serif typeface with the slightly extended contours of the glyphs. The sharp peaks of the mountains softened, looking friendly and smooth.

Pacific-12 Conference

Logo Pacific-12 Conference

One of the most reputable collegiate athletic associations, PAC-12, has a very modern and powerful badge, set in a dark blue and white color palette with straight clean lines and sharp elements. One of those elements is a snowy mountain peak, drawn in the bottom negative space of the letter “A”, above a solid white roundel with the blue “12” on it.

Paramount Pictures

Logo Paramount Pictures

Probably, the most iconic logo with the mountain on it is the badge of the Paramount Pictures studio. Set in black and white, this simple yet powerful insignia is known in every corner of the world. There is no definite information, on what is the prototype of the massive white mountain from this badge, although it is thought to be Ben Lomond, a mountain in Utah, where the founder of the company grew up.

Prudential Financial

Logo Prudential Financial

Another famous badge with a mountain depiction is the logo of Prudential, a financial and insurance company. The symbol on its rounded blue-and-white badge depicts the Rock of Gibraltar. It has been redesigned several times throughout the history of the company but has kept its recognizable contour and very powerful character.

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference

Logo Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference

The badge of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference is set in a bright and intense dark-blue and yellow color palette, and features a strong rhomboid shape, with the mountains drawn on the top part, and the forest — at the bottom. The two parts of the logo are separated by a massive white “RMAC” abbreviation in a stylized typeface with sharp small serifs.

Salem Red Sox

Logo Salem Red Sox

Salem Red Sox is a professional American baseball club from Virginia. The club plays in Minor League Baseball and is affiliated with the legendary Boston Red Sox club. The logo of the team features a horizontally oriented oval in gradient blue, with the shady and hazy contours of the mountains as the main part of the background. The badge is crossed by wishbone-styled white lettering with the image of two red socks between the words.

Sierra Mist

Logo Sierra Mist

Another very famous badge with the mountains is used by Sierra Mist, a brand of soda water with a lemon and lime flavor. The fresh silver and white triangular peaks here are placed above the diagonally oriented inscription, which is underlined by a green and yellow image of citrus at the bottom. The cold peaks add a sense of freshness, pointing to the main purpose of the drink — to refresh and quench your thirst.

Tipos Extraliga

Logo Tipos Extraliga

Tipos Extraliga is a professional Slovakian ice-hockey league, which has a very powerful and professional badge in red, blue, and white. The patriotic crest with softened angles and a thin blue outline features a blue and white image of three mountain peaks placed on its top part, like a crown, roofing the badge. The mountains are underlined by a white two-leveled inscription and are placed above the solid red part of the badge, with a white silhouette of a jockey player drawn over it.


Logo Toblerone

Another iconic badge with the mountain is the logo of Toblerone, a Swiss brand of chocolate. The logo here depicts the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland. It is usually drawn in elegant golden lines over a transparent background and accompanied by a massive uppercase logotype in red and gold, with the first “T” enlarged and all characters glossy and shadowed, adding volume to the whole composition.

West Virginia Black Bears

Logo West Virginia Black Bears

West Virginia Black Bears is the name of an American collegiate baseball club. The team has a dark and intense logo in blue, black, and yellow; with the mountains of West Virginia drawn on the background. The Sun, hiding behind the mountains is stylized as a baseball ball in white and red, and is supported by a smooth white cursive inscription with the name of the club.