Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Logo

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The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference logo features an abstract depiction of the mountain and the sun rising above it. The mountain is yellow with dark blue streaks, while the sun is dark blue. The design is housed inside a yellow semi-circle.

Below the semi-circle, there is the abbreviation “RMAC” in blue over a white background. The name Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference can be seen below. Interestingly, the text is blue, while the background is yellow making it part of the semi-circle above.

Meaning and history

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Logo history

The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) is a collegiate athletic conference participating in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division II. It was established in 1909.

What is Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference?

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference is the name of an intercollegiate athletic organization, which was established in 1909 and today is composed of 15 college members, fielding 22 sports disciplines where men’s and women’s teams compete for the titles.

1967 – 1992

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Logo 1967
The original Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference logo was designed in 1967 and stayed untouched for more than two decades. It was a solid blue pentagon with rounded angles,l, and a double white and blue outline. In the center of the badge, there was a stylized white “RMAC” abbreviation with two wings spread to the sides, surrounded by an uppercase lettering, written around a circular perimeter. It was a confident and bright badge, which looked very professional and memorable.

1992 – 2022

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Logo 1992
The redesign of 1992 introduced a completely new composition, executed in a yellow and blue color palette with a white cut-out part, where the uppercase underlined “RMAC” abbreviation in a bold modern sans-serif typeface was written in blue. The upper part of the badge featured half of a circle with a geometrically stylized yellow mountain drawn over a blue background and decorated by several blue diagonal lines. The whole badge was complemented by a solid yellow rectangular horizontally stretched at the very bottom, with a blue “Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference” inscription in the title case of a traditional sans-serif font.

2022 – Today

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference logo
With the redesign of 2022, the RMAC logo gets bolder and more modern. The new badge is still drawn in a blue and yellow color palette But with the heavy arched abbreviation set in white sans-serif letters. The whole logo boasts a shape of a rhombus with its upper part stylized as three mountain peaks, and the bottom part — three blue pine trees silhouettes set on a yellow background.