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The 22 varsity teams competing for Mount St. Mary’s University share the nickname Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers and the same emblem.

Meaning and history

Mount St Marys Mountaineers Logo history

The inception of Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers traces back to the founding of Mount St. Mary’s University in 1808, located in the scenic town of Emmitsburg, Maryland. This athletic faction, born from the university’s rich educational legacy, has carved a niche in the annals of collegiate sports. Notable for their spirited participation in NCAA Division I, the Mountaineers have demonstrated prowess in a range of sports, with a particular emphasis on basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. Their journey is marked by several proud moments, such as the commendable performances in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which not only highlighted their skill but also brought national attention to their athletic dedication.

As the years have progressed, the Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers have continued to build on their storied past. Their current standing in the world of collegiate sports is a testament to a sustained commitment to athletic excellence. Their presence in various championships and continuous efforts to excel in their conference underscore their enduring commitment to sportsmanship and athletic distinction, a cornerstone of Mount St. Mary’s University’s ethos.

What is Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers?
Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers, an integral part of Mount St. Mary’s University, excel in NCAA Division I sports. Renowned for their dynamic participation and rich athletic heritage, they symbolize the university’s dedication to fostering competitive and sportsmanlike conduct in collegiate athletics.

1995 – 2003

Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers Logo-1995

The old Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers logo, which was introduced in 1995, had an utterly cartoonish look. While it depicted a wild animal of the feline family, the expression of his muzzle resembled that of a teacher.

2004 – Today

Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers Logo

In 2004, the team adopted a simpler and more professional logotype. On the forefront, you can see the arched word “The mount.” A stylized mountain symbolizing Mount St. Mary, is placed above. It is grey with a white snowcap. The soft, muted colors create a great contrast with the somewhat cheap palette of the previous Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers logo.

Mount St. Marys Mountaineers baseball

Mount St. Marys Mountaineers baseball logo

The head coach of the baseball program is Scott Thomson. They play their home games at E.T. Straw Family Stadium.

Mount St. Marys Mountaineers basketball

Mount St. Marys Mountaineers basketball logo

The men’s team of Mount St. Mary’s University became the NCAA Tournament Champions in 1962. They have made 19 NCAA Tournament appearances (five of them at the Division II level). The women’s team competed in the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 1982. They have appeared in the NCAA Tournament on nine occasions.

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