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The Brumbies are an Australian professional rugby union football team. The Brumbies logo features a prancing horse with mountains on the background.

Meaning and history

Brumbies logo history

In its maiden Super 12 season, the Brumbies finished fifth on the table after the regular season.

1996 — 2004

Brumbies Logo 1996
The initial Brumbies logo was created in 1966 and featured a simple yet elegant badge with a sharp triangular peak. The crest was drawn in white and blue and had an image of a yellow horse on it. The “Brumbies” wordmark was written n all capitals of a smooth and classy serif typeface, with the first and last letters enlarged. Under the blue inscription, a blue banner with the yellow “Act Rugby” tagline in sans-serif was placed.

2004 — Today

Brumbies logo
The redesign of 2004 removed all the unnecessary details of the badge, making it clean and chic. The geometric frame was now gone, and the horse (which contours were refined and emboldened) was now placed on a white background with a gray mountain landscape on its bottom part. The animal, in the dark blue and yellow palette, is now standing on a bold geometric wordmark, enclosed between two thick horizontal lines, with a “Rugby” tagline splinting the underline in two equal fragments.


Brumbies emblem

In advance of the 2005 season, the club dropped the text “ACT” from its name, which meant that the club now represented a territory that spread beyond the Australian Capital Territory. They also unveiled an updated logo, which reflected the new name. Now, the horse was navy with a gold outline, while the mountains on the background were gray. And of course, the word “ACT” was gone. While the overall look of the emblem was somewhat similar to the original, in fact, it was completely redrawn. This was especially visible in the mountains and the typeface.



The Brumbies logo features navy blue, white, gray, and gold.