Colorado Springs Sky Sox Logo

Colorado Springs Sky Sox Logo

The logo of the Minor League Baseball club Colorado Springs Sky Sox aligns the team visually with its parent, Milwaukee Brewers. And yet, it still has a unique and recognizable individual style.

Meaning and history Colorado Springs Sky Sox Logo

Colorado Springs Sky Sox Logo history

The name of the team appeared due to the fact that during the first years of its history, in 1950-1958, the team was affiliated with the White Sox.

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox belong to the Pacific Coast League. In advance of the 2019/2020 playing season, the team is relocating to San Antonio, Texas, and adopting a new name, the San Antonio Missions.

Old symbols

Colorado Springs Sky Sox symbol

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox logo unveiled in 1988 featured the lettering “Sky Sox” in red capitals with a white and black outline. The 1993 version brought about a new color scheme dominated by green. The text was given in a fancy script. The end of the “x” was extended and contained the city’s skyline dominated by a mountain.

The 2009 emblem

Colorado Springs Sky Sox emblem

Now, the mountain became more prominent. On the forefront, there was the double-line lettering “Sky Sox” (in white and red letters) and “baseball” (in smaller grey letters).


Colorado Springs Sky Sox baseball logo

The palette borrows white and the dark shade of blue from the logo of the team’s parent club Milwaukee Brewers.

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