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Colorado Rapids is the name of a football club from the United statesman which was established in 1995 and joined Major League Soccer in 1996. Today it is owned by the Kroenke Sports&Entertainment group and has Robin Fraser as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Colorado Rapids Logo history

Colorado Rapids has had three completely different logos during its not very long history. The first one was more a celebration of the region when the second one was all about football, and both themes were combined in the third emblem, designed for the club in 2007.

1996 — 2001

Colorado Rapids 1996

The original Colorado Rapids emblem, introduced in 1996, was composed of a “Rapids” bold italicized lettering set between the silver snow mountains and blue waters. The “Colorado” in green capitals was arched above the image. It was a re-flection of the state’s nature, which also showed the club as strong an energetic.

2002 — 2007

Colorado Rapids 2002

The redesign of 2002 brought a completely new approach to the club’s logo design. The team went more minimalist and obvious, pitting a monochrome football in the middle of its badge.

The new emblem of Colorado Rapids featured a circular badge with a thick blue outline where the bold golden wordmark was placed. Executed in a confident sans-serif, it featured a thin white outline, so that the massive letters were more readable.

In the middle of the badge, there was a smaller circle in white placed. On this circle the football was drawn, surrounded by a green stylized star, or the sun, or just a geometric figure with lots of pointed angles.

The emblem from the beginning of the 2000s was something very common, but still featured the color palette of the previous logo, in order to celebrate the state’s amazing nature.

2007 — Today

Colorado Rapids logo

The sleek and modern logo for Colorado Rapids was introduced at the beginning of 2007. A completely redrawn badge with a new luxurious color palette looks profes-sional and sophisticated.

The logo featured a burgundy crest with a pointed top, where the ice blue and gray mountain with triangular peaks in placed in the bottom. The white and burgundy football is drawn on the mountain, and the club’s wordmark is placed above it.

The badge features a thick outline in gray and light blue, which perfectly balances the picture of the mountain and adds a fresh and cool feeling to the whole image.

Colorado Rapids Colors

HEX COLOR: #862633;
RGB: (134, 38, 51)
CMYK: (9,100,64,48)

RGB: (139, 184, 232)
CMYK: (45,14,0,0)

HEX COLOR: #8D9093;
RGB: (141,144,147)