Idaho Falls Chukars Logo

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Idaho Falls Chukars Logo
While the meaning of the Idaho Falls Chukars logo seems pretty transparent, in fact, there’s a deeper symbolism behind it.

Meaning and History logo

Idaho Falls Chukars Logo history

Since 1940, when the baseball franchise was founded in Idaho Falls, Idaho, it has changed affiliation and name more than ten times. The name “Chukars” was chosen because it shows a close connection with the neighborhood: there’re a lot of chukar partridge birds here.
However, there’s also a hidden meaning: the word “chuckar” is pronounced almost in the same way as “chucker,” which creates additional significance for baseball.

Primary symbol

Idaho Falls Chukars symbol
The main logo depicts the head of a chukar forming the letter “C,” which, in its turn, is part of the team name. A silver mountain range can be seen in the background.

Cap emblem

Idaho Falls Chukars emblem
Here, the chukar is clutching a baseball, and the ball is in the throwing position. In this way, the second meaning of the team’s name is emphasized.