Coors Light Logo

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coors light logoThe second best-selling beer in the US has the logo that evolved from a vintage look of the 1970s to the angular minimalism of the recent version.

Meaning and History logo

Coors Light Logo history

The Coors Brewing Company launched its Coors Light beer in 1978. The product had an emblem consisting of a stylized drawing of two mountain peaks behind the wordmark “Coors Light”. The mountains are the Rocky Mountains. It was there that the beer was first produced.
“Coors” is red with a white and black outline. “LIGHT” is of white color outlined in grey and black. The words have shadows that add dimension. The custom handwritten font (for “Coors”) is coupled with a spiked bold sans serif (for “LIGHT”).

Current Logo

Coors Light Logo
In 2015 the company turned to the design agency Turner Duckworth to refresh their visual identity including the mountain logo. They wanted a more simplistic and cleaner look.
On the whole, everything the consumers have got accustomed to in the Coors Light logo is still there ‒ the distinctive red Coors script and the mountains. Yet, these elements changed greatly.
coors light logo mountain
The letters lost their trimming and drop shadows. There were two reasons to get rid of them. Firstly, they were not popular any longer. Secondly, simplistic logos look better on smartphone screens.
The word “LIGHT” is not tilted in the new emblem. The font didn’t change much. It is also sans serif, yet, it became more dignified.
That year the company also launched the “Born in the Rockies” symbol. It shows the mountain icon placed against the background of a round stamp. The lettering “Born in the Rockies” is above and the “EST. 1978” is below. The intention was to emphasize the brand’s heritage in Colorado.


Coors Light logo old
The Coors Light logo palette is red (#C2112F), dark gray (#757373), light gray (#CBC8C7) and white.