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The current Outback Bowl logo was introduced in 2008. While the majority of the space here is occupied by the name of the game, it is the boomerang above it that actually catches the eye. The boomerang brings about some motion making the logo very dynamic.

Meaning and history

Outback Bowl Logo history

1995 – 2000

Outback Bowl Logo-1995
The Outback Bowl logo from 1995 featured a cool tropic design of a badge with the vertically located rugby ball decorated with green grass set on a bright gradient orange and purple triangular badge, pointing down. The intense orange inscription in two lines was set on a white background and enclosed into a purple rectangular frame on the bottom of the logo. The whole composition was underlined by the arched “Tampa Bay” inscription in bold orange capitals of a simple sans-serif typeface.


Outback Bowl Logo-2001
The coconut-rugby badge was slightly refined in 2001. All the elements from the original version, apart from “Tampa Bay” lettering at the bottom, remained in their own places, but now the badge was set inside the rounded frame in a light shade of yellow. The purple lettering was placed on the frame, “Tampa Bay” on top and “15th Anniversary” along its bottom part. The anniversary logo looked balanced and very eye-catching, brilliantly reflecting the tropical mood and happiness, and evoking only kind feelings, including friendliness and energy.


Outback Bowl Logo-2002
With the redesign of 2002, the color palette of the iconic Outback Bowl logo was switched to a patriotic blue-red, and white one. The triangular crest now featured a striped red and white pattern, while the circular frame of the logo was set in solid blue and was decorated by solid white five-pointed stars. The main background of the logo was set in light blue, and the “Outback Bowl” logotype changed its color from orange to red. The “Tampa Bay” inscription was now set in a serif typeface, with its uppercase bold letters in white written along the bottom part of the blue frame.

2003 – 2007

Logo Outback Bowl
The last version in the “coconut-rugby” era was introduced in 2003 and stayed in use by the Bowl until 2007. The contours were modernized, cleaned, and emboldened, the circular frame and background were removed, and the color palette got switched to a lighter and more tender one. Really, the logo was fully based on the original version, but with lines more even and smooth, and the contrast of the colors a bit muted, which elevated the look of the badge, making it more confident and professional.

2008 – 2020

Outback Bowl Logo-2008
A completely new design concept was created for the Outback Bowl in 2008. No more tropical images on the badge. The new logo featured a horizontally oriented ellipsoid, colored calm yellow and outlined in dark red. The upper part of the logo had a very realistic and detailed image of a wooden boomerang with white details on it. As for the main part of the crest, it Bosted a bold sans-serif inscription in dark red, set under the minimalist image of the mountain landscape. The lightweight uppercase “Tampa Bay” was written under the logotype in a clean and delicate sans-serif typeface.

2021 – Today

Outback Bowl Logo
For the 35th anniversary of the Outback Bowl, the logo was slightly refined in 2021. The red frame was replaced by a thicker one, executed in gradient gray. The boomerang got slightly smaller and featured its surface simpler and cleaner. The burgundy “Tampa Bay” inscription from the bottom of the logo was replaced by a bold black “1986 — 2021” datemark, and the enlarged “35th” in cursive was set on the left from the boomerang, executed in the same shade of red as the main logotype of the insignia.