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The history of the Big Sky Conference, which is among the most popular collegiate athletic conferences, started in 1963. It is affiliated with the NCAA’s Division I, with football competing in the FCS. The members of the Big Sky Conference come from the western United States.

Meaning and history

Big Sky Conference Logo history

The Big Sky Conference was founded in 1963 and is a collegiate athletic conference in the United States. It is primarily composed of schools from the western region of the country. The conference sponsors various sports, including American college football. Over the years, the Big Sky Conference has seen significant achievements in football, with member schools participating in bowl games and showcasing their talent on a national stage. As of the current position, the Big Sky Conference continues to thrive as a competitive and prominent conference in college athletics, providing opportunities for student-athletes to excel in their respective sports.

What is Big Sky Conference?
The Big Sky Conference is a collegiate athletic conference in the United States. It consists of various universities and colleges primarily located in the western region of the country, competing in a range of sports at the NCAA Division I level.

2000 – 2012

Big Sky Conference Logo-2000On the old emblem, the words “Big Sky” were dark blue with white and green trim. The lettering “Conference” could be seen inside a green parallelogram below.

2013 – Now

Big Sky Conference Logo

The mountain theme has been the main source of inspiration for the Big Sky Conference logo. Under the light blue and white lettering “Big Sky,” which dominates the emblem, you can see snow-capped mountains. The sky-inspired background is blue.

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