Aquafina Logo

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Aquafina Logo
Aquafina is an American brand of still water, manufactured by PepsiCo since 1994. The brand is also known for the production of skin care cosmetics. Aquafina product is distributed across the globe.

Meaning and history

Aquafina Logo history

The Aquafina visual identity was always based on a wordmark and a mountain image on its top. The snow mountain peaks are the reflection of purity and nature. The previous logo, designed in 2004, was composed of all capitals letters nameplate executed in a serif typeface with first and last “A” enlarged.
The double orange and blue swoosh were underlining the wordmark and balancing the light blue mountain range silhouette with an orange sun.
The new Aquafina logo, designed in 2016, looks more stylish and contemporary. The typeface was completely changed. Now it is a fine rounded sans-serif with an elongated and curved tail of the letter “Q”. While the two “A” is still enlarged, the wordmark looks harmonized and elegant.
Aquafina Logo
The mountain emblem was also redrawn and now it is composed of a more modern and smooth image in a white and silver color palette with the red sun beyond it.
The new Aquafina logo is strong and confident, executed in a traditional color palette it looks modern and eye-catching, evoking the brand’s value of purity and quality.