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The Northwest Conference (NWC) is an athletic conference founded in 1926. The organization is affiliated with the NCAA’s Division III. Its member institutions come from Oregon and Washington.

Meaning and history

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The Northwest Conference (NWC) is a collegiate athletic conference that was founded in 1926. It was established by a group of nine colleges and universities located in the Northwestern United States. The conference has since grown and currently consists of eight member institutions.

Throughout its history, the NWC has achieved several notable accomplishments. The conference has produced numerous successful teams and athletes, winning national championships in various sports. NWC schools have also excelled academically, with student-athletes consistently earning recognition for their achievements both on the field and in the classroom.

In recent years, the Northwest Conference continues to thrive as a competitive athletic organization. Its member institutions are committed to providing a well-rounded collegiate experience for student-athletes, emphasizing both athletic excellence and academic success. The NWC remains an important part of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and continues to contribute to the development of collegiate sports in the Northwest region.

The beauty of the local landscape was the main inspiration behind the Northwest Conference logo. We can see a mountain with a blue river flowing by it and a fir. All the elements have been drawn in a casual manner. The strokes give the impression that the wind is blowing, which adds some dynamism. The lettering “NWC,” on the contrary, looks static and heavy. The palette is rather light.

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