West Virginia Black Bears Logo

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West Virginia Black Bears Logo
While the color scheme of the West Virginia Black Bears logo reveals the connection with its parent team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the overall design is completely independent.

Meaning and History logo

West Virginia Black Bears Logo history

The West Virginia Black Bears are a comparatively new team – it played its first official game in the New York–Penn League in 2015. Before that, it was known as the Jamestown Jammers. Located in Granville, West Virginia, the franchise belongs to Bob Rich, Jr.

Primary symbol

West Virginia Black Bears symbol
A black, blue, and yellow bear facing to the right is depicted over a mountain landscape. A white baseball with red seams can be seen above the mountains. The emblem is encircled by the lettering “West Virginia” in black, while the words “Black Bears” in a white script can be seen below.


West Virginia Black Bears emblem
While the combination of black and gold has been apparently borrowed from the palette of the Pittsburgh Pirates, blue and white emphasize the identity of the West Virginia Black Bears.